Wolverine and Thorin

Continuing my exploration of similarities of Hugh Jackman and Richard Armitage. Inspired by the recent image of RA preparing to play Thorin in the Best Buy Blu-Ray DVD of The Hobbit. Anyway, I thought I would do a comparison of the two actors playing their signature action hero comic book/fantasy characters – HJ as Wolverine and RA as Thorin Oakenshield.

First, HJ as Wolverine:


Next, RA as Thorin:

bb ra 2









Now, in costume:














The two characters are very different, of course. Although….both are grouchy, bad-tempered individuals. Both are shorter than average (well, humans anyway in Thorin’s case) characters played by tall men. HJ is 6’2 1/2″ , RA is 6’2 1/2″. Gee.

However, Thorin, son of Thrain, son of Thror, King under the Mountain is definitely a more stately presence, a leader. Wolverine, on the other hand, is kind of a loose cannon. A damaged guy who mostly does the right thing.

But they have one more thing (sort of) in common – Thorin has Gandalf played by Ian McKellen and Wolverine has Magneto, also played by Ian McKellen!

wolverine_magneto_thumb the_hobbit_wallpaper__gandalf_and_thorin_by_darkjackal32-d4kc45i

And a couple more pictures just because I like them.

hj serious

ra serious










Thank you to hugh_jackman.com and richardarmitagenet.com for the pictures. Thanks to dark jackal for the pic of Thorin & Gandalf. Thanks to rebloggy.com for the .gif.

tumblr_mhv3d3KOg51qmsoako1_500 tumblr_mhv3d3KOg51qmsoako2_500



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7 Responses to Wolverine and Thorin

  1. jasrangoon says:

    I love the comparison of Wolverine and Thorin! It doesn’t hurt that Sir Ian played opposite both Hugh and Richard in those roles. I think there are quiet a few similarities between the two, but Hugh has never caught my fancy to the same extent as RA.

    • marieastra8 says:

      Hugh Jackman was an obsession of mine 10 years ago. I was a total addict of Hugh in The Boy from Oz musical. It was a bit different from my current RA love in that I could actually see Hugh in person, unlike Mr. Armitage, who is a mystery to me in so many ways. I hope to explore the difference of my feelings in this blog. Thanks so much for reading! Love your blog, too!

  2. Thora says:

    Nice thoughts, I had totally forgotten Ian Mckellen in Wolverine. They are both very hot and have impressive armmuscles. And they are almost same age too, HJ little older I think.

    • marieastra8 says:

      Yes, Hugh was born in 1968 vs. RA in 1971. The funny thing is that both RA and HJ are quite slender in RL, and have to workout quite a lot to build up those arm muscles. HJ has taken it to another level with Wolverine, though! He completely transforms his body to play that character.

  3. I really enjoyed your posts, thanks so much! I’ve recently become an RAfangurl and lately I’ve wondering why RA has been the only actor or musician that has ever elicited this fangurl reaction from me. In particular, HJ would have been a prime candidate because I thought he was awesome in the X-men films (among my favorites films), but he strangely never produced the same reaction as RA… (although I would not kick HJ out of bed – grin). What is it that you admire about RA that is different from HJ? Cheers!

    • marieastra8 says:

      Hi, andarielraine! Thanks for reading the blog! Yes, what is it about RA that makes him so irresistible to so many of us?? The reason I started this blog was to try to understand my reaction to him. The last time I was obsessed with an actor it was Hugh Jackman and that started 10 years ago when I saw him on Broadway in The Boy from Oz. I saw Hugh in person – I talked to him in person. It was that PERSON that attracted me. Whereas with RA I am only going on the screen – television, film, and computer, not by seeing him in person. And yet I am quite as obsessed with him as I was with HJ ten years ago.
      I am planning to write more about this on the blog. But I will say this – one thing RA has that HJ doesn’t have is his VOICE. OMG, that man’s voice does me in every time I hear him. I don’t know why all the advertisers in the world don’t use him in their adverts. Don’t ya think?? 🙂

      • Ha ha, I was actually thinking the exact same thing about his Voice after I posted my comment and picking up a coffee! Grin! Yes, that lovely, chocolate ovaries-exploding Voice is sheer pleasure. While I do enjoy the occassional fanvid to music, unfortunately they don’t capture that amazing voice. (so I prefer the vids where he reads poetry or childrens stories). I love the way he described the gravity and tone for Thorin in the Fault magazine interview, have you read it? Cheers! Looking forward to your future posts 🙂

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