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We could always try laughter. At ourselves, first and foremost.

We are all in a trap. No one can guarantee the actions of another. Wise words. Consult Captain Kirk and company when in doubt. Thanks, Servetus. Advertisements

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OT: Olympics Ice Dancing!

Charlie White and Meryl Davis – USA The Olympics is definitely NOT one of my obsessions. I have actively avoided watching them most of the time. The blatant patriotism of the event turns me off. This year, due to the … Continue reading

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RA Fandom – YAY!

To Mr. Richard Armitage: You are quite blessed to have a wonderful number of fans, or “well-wishers” if you prefer, who think you are just fabulous. Pretty much anytime one of us has come across you in real life, you … Continue reading

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The National Theater at 50

There has recently been broadcast in the U.S. on PBS the program celebrating the 50th Anniversary of the British National Theater. You can read about it HERE. And Here. What interests me is the broad range of the productions. There is amazing acting, … Continue reading

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Friday I’m in Love

Originally posted on Nowhere in Particular RA:
It’s Valentine’s Day, the day to celebrate love, and it’s Friday… I don’t care if Monday’s blue Tuesday’s grey and Wednesday too Thursday I don’t care about you it’s Friday I’m in Love…

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Love for MarieAstra

Originally posted on RAworld Secret Valentine 2014:
It was Valentine’s Day morning in the Big Apple. And Marie Astra was about to get a big surprise as delicious as a slice of New York cheesecake . . . “Wakie wakie, dear…

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Hugh Jackman and Richard Armitage

I have accepted the fact that HJ and RA are both obsessions of mine. I really can’t seem to toss HJ out just because I am currently more fascinated by Richard Armitage. For the (fan) record, I don’t research Hugh … Continue reading

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