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New Richard Armitage Video Promoting TH:EE and DOS

Originally posted on Armitage Agonistes:
SO MUCH IS HAPPENING TODAY!  The Hobbit Event on November 4/5 with Richard Armitage and Anderson Cooper in my local theater. Strike Back in the U.S. tonight with so far good reviews, and now –…

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The Hobbit: Dwarves, Wizards and Richard Armitage

With all the excitement over the EE of The Hobbit: AUJ, which is getting kind of repetitive, I just went and looked at some older things. I love the Dwarves!! They make me smile. I myself am sadly not Dwarf-like. … Continue reading

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Another Desolation of Smaug Set Report – Fandango

Fandango, the movie blog, also visited the filming of The Hobbit: Desolation of Smaug in 2011, when there was just supposed to be two films. The original report is HERE. I thought there were a couple of interesting bits in this … Continue reading

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Angel Season Five

I am presently watching a marathon of Angel, Season 5. The U.S. television show with Angel the vampire who takes over an evil law firm with his associates when an old friend/rival of Angel’s shows up. Spike. A previously evil … Continue reading

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Strike Back: Origins Interview

Richard Armitage did an interview for Cinemax on the filming of Strike Back. These are lovely pictures from that interview. Which is HERE. CURLS! CURLS! CURLS! Pictures from Tumblr. Some of my edits.  

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New York Comic Con 2013 – The TORn Panel

Sadly, this year’s Comic Con did not turn out the way I hoped. I have been going to the NY Comic Con for several years, and have always enjoyed it. This year I thought, well, The Hobbit: Desolation of Smaug … Continue reading

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Guy of Gisborne has been difficult for me. I don’t like the Robin Hood series he is in. I don’t like his Robin Hood. I don’t like his Marian. But Guy is undeniably an attractive, sexy man. He’s a bad, … Continue reading

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