With Or Without Beards

Two of the people I have been most obsessive about are the actors Hugh Jackman and Richard Armitage. My friends think I only like Richard Armitage because he looks like Hugh Jackman. I disagreed. This post is to compare the two and see if I am right.

Image Hugh Jackman….with beard





Richard Armitage….with beard















I still think my friends are wrong. More to explore.

Thanks to richardarmitagenet.com and hugh_fan.com for the pictures.

This is my first blog so forgive the awkwardness. Hope to get better!



From New York City. Anglophile, theater-goer, love books, music and LIFE.
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21 Responses to With Or Without Beards

  1. Servetus says:


    I do think they look a lot a like. But I don’t know that much about Jackman.

  2. marieastra8 says:

    Well, keep reading this blog! There actually are quite a few things that they have in common. Thanks for the welcome! Love your blog! LOL!

  3. Kathy Jones says:

    Never thought about the similarities between the two. I think both of them are superstars of hunkdom, but RA, has made me slightly unbalanced, so I guess he has more influence on my psyche. I like your blog, Keep up the good work.

    • marieastra8 says:

      Thanks, Kathy. RA has me a bit unbalanced at the moment also, so I can relate! Hugh Jackman made a large impact on my life 10 years ago. I made such an impact on my friends with my HJ love that now they are convinced that RA is just a substitute for him. I say NOT TRUE! RAmania is completely different. I am exploring that in this blog. Thanks for reading!

  4. Joanna says:

    Hi Marieastra8!
    Great actors 🙂 but for me they are so different, especially psychically

  5. tobydaisy says:

    This was great! And slightly spooky, with all the similarities. I have seen some pics of RA where I at first thought, wait a minute, this is Hugh Jackman! It’s not just me then ) Thanks for this post!

  6. Xenia says:

    There are similarities in the photos you have here, so I went to Google to make some more comparisons between the two. Hugh Jackman and Richard Armitage do look alike, but Hugh does not move me at all the way RA does. Richard Armitage knocked me off my feet. I don’t know much about HJ because he has never been a focus for me. This is a great subject that now has me intrigued. I am going to write about this on my blog and include a link back to this post.

    You have a lovely blog!

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  8. kathryngaul says:

    Love your blog!

    I’ve been a great admirer of both men for years and years – can’t get enough of either!

    Have you ever seen HJ in “Paperback Hero”? It’s an old Australian film and quite good. PS. I might be a bit biased about that as I’m an Australian! 🙂

    However, as sexy and gorgeous as Hugh is, and he is, I’m actually totally obsessed with Richard – he is so talented and beautiful ,and there’s just something so magical and special about him that sets him apart from other actors IMHO.

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  10. Santeri says:

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  11. Theresa says:

    I honestly don’t think they look too much alike, and I prefer both without a beard (5 o’clock shadow is more my cup of tea). There is a resemblance at certain angles, but I could say the same thing about Richard and other actors (like Bradley Cooper) as well. I do think Hugh has a somewhat distinct look because of his eyebrows. His eyebrows are pretty unique and kind of frame his face in my opinion. Both are gorgeous men. Richard does have lovely eyelashes. Both are built well, and I actually prefer Hugh slender. I would say if we are only talking about looks, I am probably in the minority here based on the comments because I still find Hugh slightly more physically attractive because of his smile and the peace, joy, contentment, and love (all four attributes combined) in his eyes when he smiles. That is my favorite feature on anyone. Richard has a nice smile, but I always felt there was something special and so joyful about Hugh’s smile. It’s as if he experiences life at a different dimension from everyone else. I can’t explain what it is, but there’s just something about the way he smiles and giggles. It makes me want to hug him and it seriously makes me smile every time I see him.

    • NYCPAT says:

      I absolutely know what you mean about Hugh’s looks and smile! Still Richard is such an adorkable guy that I can’t help but love him, even if he doesn’t have the level of peace joy love and contentment that Hugh expresses. I “know” Hugh much longer than RA, so I know more about him, I guess. Still RA makes me so happy because of his natural persona. I do think that RA is a better film actor than Hugh, but Hugh in a musical = unbeatable! Haven’t seen RA in one!! LOL!
      Re HJ’s eyebrows, I remember hearing that it was the one feature that plastic surgeons were asked to recreate for people!! LOL! Not sure how anyone could recreate RA’s eyelashes, which are his most prominent feature in my opinion. I also agree that I prefer HJ being not-Wolverine. Don’t like that over the top look. RA is much slimmer in person than he looks in photos. I prefer him with a little more bulk than he usually has. But he’s practically perfect to me, however he looks! 😀

      • Theresa says:

        Oh, don’t get me wrong. I love RA too. He’s a great actor and a sweet person. Hugh is extremely adorkable too, lol. He’s like a big kid. I’m not sure I would agree that RA is a better film actor. He’s as good probably, but what makes you say he is better? Just curious. Hugh has played a far greater range of characters on film in practically every genre and in my opinion has excelled in most of those roles. Hugh has incredible range and I think he’s deserved every award and nomination he gets, including his Oscar nomination for Les Miserables. I also think he deserved an Oscar nomination for Prisoners. I think he’s a bit underrated in that way. He gets better with every performance, though my favorite is still The Fountain. In the next 10 years, I can actually see him becoming one of Hollywood’s main elite actors. I think he deserves all the popularity he’s been getting, and I hope someday he can achieve status as one of the greatest actors of our time. With how hard he works and with the risks he says he is willing to take in his career from now on, I think it is definitely possible.

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