I’m Back!!



Guess what? I still am OBSESSED with Richard Armitage!! YAY! I thought I was done with him. Really. But I have realized that he is still the one who makes me happy when I look at his pictures and his films. The 10th anniversary of North & South has hit me hard. I love his portrayal of John Thornton. And with the Battle of the Five Armies on the horizon, and all the beautiful pictures of Thorin in the film surfacing, I realize that I am still smitten.


Apparently there will not be a NYC premiere of the last Hobbit film. That’s ok with me because the  premieres in NYC have not been very exciting. I hope to see Mr. Armitage again in person some day, but hopefully it will be somewhere not on the red carpet. I still hope that he will appear on Broadway one day, and, believe me, I will be there when he is!!

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Hugh Jackman – Creepy and Mesmerizing in The River

Hugh Jackman SD

Hugh Jackman at the Stage Door November 1, 2014

Yes, I saw Hugh Jackman today. It was a good day, even though the weather was terrible.

The play Mr. Jackman is in, The River by Jez Butterworth, is a very complex, interesting play. A man who loves fishing is in his cabin. His companion catches a fish. He says he loves her. Yet, there are more than one of her. What to make of that? Hugh Jackman prepares a fish for cooking, opens bottles of wine, acts like a normal person, but is he? I loved the mystery of this play. Even at the end, you are still wondering.

Meanwhile, Mr. Jackman moves around the stage like an athlete. Sitting, standing, bending, sitting on the floor and getting up off the floor (not an easy thing for some of us!) are performed with grace. He handles a knife like a chef on the cooking channel.

Cush Jumbo and Laura Donnelly are wonderful as well. Mirroring each other, but with unmistakably different personalities, makes for really creepy, intriguing performances.

The River, at 85 minutes, is vastly different from The Crucible which I saw in London this summer and ran over 3:00 hours. Even a short play can be boring. Yet both plays were equally absorbing and intense. The set design of The River creates an intimate yet distant scene. You are present, but you are not a part of the actions. It reminded me of The Crucible, but unlike in The Crucible, where you felt like you were a participant in the horror, The River is more distant, but that’s not a bad thing! Not at all. I felt close to the characters, but also felt their distance from each other, which was the point.

I highly recommend going to see The River. The actors hold your attention through the full performance. I did not get distracted at any time. Except maybe when Mr. Jackman bent down to pick something up….

HJ bending down

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I’m Tired

Hello to all who follow my blog!

Thank you so much for your support! I know it’s contingent on content produced. LOL! I haven’t been producing much lately, and my blog numbers support that!!

I have been sucked into Real Life recently. My job has become increasingly invasive to my fangurl tendencies. Therefore, I have not been posting anything, and, more than that, have even been questioning my Armitage Obsession! SHOCK! HORROR!!

To tell the truth, I really have been questioning my Armitage fangurl impulses. I find myself out of step with the fandom. I still think about Armitage during the day. I still love seeing his pictures. I haven’t had much time to watch shows, but I would watch North & South anyday I had the chance! 😀 😀

Yet, I have no wish to have a Guylty badge. I have no wish to respond to one of Mr. Armitage’s tweets. I like seeing them, but I find the fans’ responses to be irritating in the extreme. I wish there was a way to block responses to his tweets. I love many many many of his fans/wellwishers, but I have no wish to read their messages of love/humor/whatever to him. I guess I am an old curmudgeon. (Look it up)

I am very sorry that I am so disappointing to Armitage fans. I wish I could recapture that excitement. But right now, not so much. Send some positive thoughts my way. I can use them!!
Porter and daughter

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The Thorin Project

Great idea from Kelbel75 and Guylty!

Nowhere in Particular RA

Hello all! I’ve been thinking… (my husband dreads hearing that sentence from me, LOL!) so I thought out loud to Guylty, because that’s what friends do (listen politely to each other’s insane ramblings). instead of running away though, she actually took my thoughts seriously! not only that but she built upon them, and after a few e-mails back and forth, a legitimate idea was formed between us. We’d like to share that idea with you today.


the end of an era is nearly upon us. The premiere of the final installment of the Hobbit trilogy is only two and a half months away. Most of us are looking forward to it with one eye laughing, and one eye crying. Another film with Mr A in it, that is surely a reason to be happy! But at the same time, we can anticipate not only Thorin’s fate in the film…

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Thank you, Lucas North!

So trying to get out of bed this morning – UH OH – my back is killing me! There goes my plans to visit the Bronx Zoo with one of my friends. What to do? I know! Need some theRApy! What better than binge watching Spooks, which I haven’t watched in ages. I always watch Season 7, so I decided I should give another look at Season 8. Yes, I know, Sarah Caulfield. But also, lots of Ros and then there’s the strip club…

spooks8 loving Lucas

Sexy, sultry, disturbed, Lucas North

I have seen so many pictures of Lucas, in addition to having watched all the Spooks episodes he was in, that I thought I would be immune to watching the show on tv again. I was wrong.


Lucas North must be the sexiest man on tv ever. Sorry Sam Heughan/Jamie.

So, what did you want to liaise about?

Lucas is the one character that Richard Armitage inhabited that I feel regret that I didn’t follow him on television. Some of my online friends brought him to my attention, but I didn’t follow through. Ehh, a spy show, I thought. I couldn’t have been more wrong!! Yes, ehh a spy show but, WOW a SPY NAMED LUCAS NORTH!! Wow wow wow wow!!

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Addendum: Hugh Jackman. The River. Yes, I Gave Up. (Again)


So I got a text message from my friend this afternoon: Do you want to go see The River in front row seats for $100?

wait what

I spent a lot more for a not-front-row seat. How is it that we can get front row tickets for almost 1/2 the price??

Well, apparently the Circle in the Square theater has benches with backs for the first two rows which encircle the stage. YIKES!


So, in addition to seeing The River on November 1, I will be seeing it from a front row seat in December!!


Seeing Richard Armitage AND Hugh Jackman LIVE from front row seats both in the same year is amazing. AMAZING!

I am a very lucky lady.


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When Fandom Collides


Today I am struggling with my determination not to judge other fans. I am committed to the theory that all fans have the right to express themselves in whatever way they see fit, except if it is to harm the object of our affections.

There is a segment of the Armitage Army who felt it would be fun to tweet pictures of themselves in fake beards to Richard Armitage. They apparently hope to get a reaction from him. Not sure really, what they hope for.

For me, and some other well-wishers of Richard Armitage, it seems like a dopey idea. I hate spam. When I get tons of tweets/emails/whatever on a particular topic it doesn’t make me happy. I hate coordinated marketing campaigns. But that’s just me. Maybe Richard Armitage will be charmed by this spamming of bearded women.


Oh well. Why they would think that is unfathomable to me.

The point, though, is what is to be done when you are part of a fandom, and another part of the fandom takes public actions that you think are stupid on behalf of the fandom . I don’t want to judge other fans! But when they present themselves as the *fandom*, that includes me. If I don’t choose to  be part of those activities, what choice do I have? I will be associated with them, willy or nilly.

Yet, if I tell those fans that I don’t agree with their activities, I am accused of having no sense of humor, of trying to be *the boss* of those fans. I truly am NOT! They are the ones who are representing themselves as the boss of me!

If fans wish to to play with the celebrity of choice, God Bless America. We are free to do what we wish. But is it right to represent your individual actions as being part of *the fandom*?? Like someone calling themself “(fill in the celeb name__US)”. Who made YOU the boss of me?? I am a fan in the US. If you call yourself “XX__US”, you are saying you represent me. You DO NOT have that permission! But how do I stop you??

I guess it doesn’t matter in reality. Does Richard Armitage care about any of it? Probably not. It’s just a matter of my feelings.

Good bye, my friends. Enjoy your RA fandom.

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