What is lost when fame is found?

This is a really thought-provoking post on The Crucible experience, and follows nicely with what I have shared about it.

Lyla Quillmark

These are some reflections on fame that have occurred to me after being present for The Old Vic (London) production of Arthur Miller’s ‘The Crucible’ four times, and lining up at the Stage Door on several occasions, and some comments on the production itself. Not a rant. More of a ramble. A long and winding ramble.

I admit to knowing nothing about the play before seeing it, and booking my first ticket because it starred Richard Armitage, one of my very favourite actors. All I knew was that it depicted Salem, Massachusetts, amidst its witch-hunting madness. I cried the first time. In the courtroom scene, Jack Ellis as Deputy Governor Danforth so terrified me that my stomach was in knots of anguish, and I actually wanted to cry out ‘No! Stop!  This is wrong! Can’t you see what’s happening?’ When he explains the facts of witchcraft cases, where there are no…

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2 Responses to What is lost when fame is found?

  1. kelbel75 says:

    this is really interesting and something I’ve been thinking about since the Into the Storm promo at WonderCon. most of the questions by the audience at that event were directed at Richard. and I thought if I was there and in a position to ask a question, I might have actually changed course and asked Max, Jeremy, whoever a question instead, just to even things out! so in thinking about the SD in daydreaming mode (LOL!) the scenario often got away from me and ended up veering off into talking to the other actors instead (daydreams are so annoying when they don’t listen! 😀 ) in a way, Richard is already “familiar”. I know so much about his work, personality, etc. but I would know next to nothing of these other actors. I would have a chance to have an actual conversation with them, though brief, whereas with Richard I’d probably be just another program to sign. “Richard” would be waiting for me back on my computer screen, while these actors would not. I might be seriously tempted to choose the chance to connect with someone who is new. eek! it’s like that vertigo I get when on a boat or something, having to hold myself down from jumping over the side! stay in line, stay in line! you’re here to meet Richard!

    sorry for the long, wandering comment! just something I think about 😛

    • NYCPAT says:

      Very interesting! I have been thinking a lot about this blog post. I’m thinking RA is actually more in control of SD interactions than it seems. I think he was mostly in his head with John Proctor and the other actors left their characters in the theater. And you are right – “Richard” is on the computer screen, for sure!! 😀 😀

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