I Still Love Richard Armitage!

Yes, even though, I have “come out” as myself, Pat, not Marie, and had a mixed reaction to the Stage Door Event at The Crucible, I find myself still enthralled with Richard Armitage. I kind of wanted to say, oh, well, bye fandom. I am so longer “obsessed” with Richard Armitage, so I don’t have to blog about him anymore.

wrong meme


Yes, I am using a “meme” to illustrate my feelings. See that, Richard! You taught me something about the internet! I didn’t know what a “meme” was either!

OK, so today was the charming Q&A at The Old Vic with Mr. Armitage, interviewed by Matt Wolf. It featured, unsurprisingly, honest, direct, and visceral responses by Mr. A. Thank you to The Old Vic for live tweeting, as well as those others who filled us in on events as they developed. And thanks to Ali at richardrrmitagenet.com for a remarkably quick post of her remembering of the convo. And RACentral for putting it all together for us quickly as well. And to those who were there and shared their feelings and thoughts so quickly with those of us who couldn’t be there. And then we find out a Twitter Q&A on September 12? Wow!


Still, it wasn’t the Conversation that reminded me of why I will continue to blog about Richard Armitage on my Obsessive Behavior blog. All through my struggle with my “fandom” these last days/weeks I have been aware that I continue to think A LOT about Richard Armitage! Even when I am feeling dissatisfied with fandom in general, and my place in it, there he is. I find myself thinking this and that about him from time to time every day. He is never find from mind.

Nose 2

I still don’t understand it. I don’t understand why someone I don’t know, will never know, can have taken so much control of my thoughts!!

Last night I had a hilarious dream, where Richard Armitage was in my parents’ house having a convo with my Mom. I was working, there in the house, but the house seemed to be somehow connected to my workplace. I kept having to WORK when I wanted to talk to RICHARD! It was a comedy of blocks to my being with him. I was in a room where there was no exit, except to crawl out on a ledge! LOL! Then one of my friends stopped me to discuss something. Then some family members stopped me to show me some family pictures. I wanted to be polite, but RICHARD was chatting with my Mom in the kitchen!! He had a Leica camera with him and was taking pictures of interesting posters, with autographs!, that he was quite interested in. I have no idea. You know how dreams are.

Anyway, I recall at one time calling him a klutz (Urban Dictionary: A person who is never without a scrape or bruise. Always finds a way to trip, bump into things and people.) Now, we all know that would never apply to RA! It was ME who wanted to get close to him and so was bumping into him all the time! HILARIOUS!

So, here I am. Continuing to struggle with fandom. Continuing to be interested in this uncontrollable feeling of admiration for someone unknown to me personally. I will continue the journey!

they'll take the kidney!



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7 Responses to I Still Love Richard Armitage!

  1. saraobsessed says:

    I think one thing Richard shows us with his characters, himself and the fandom is that we are all mutable. A mixture. But if we work at finding our inner strengths we can ultimate accept ourselves and each other.

  2. armitagebesotted says:

    Oh man, saraobsessed, you took the wind out of my smart-ass sails (I’m bucking for official “smart-ass” status designation from Frenz, maybe I can earn it here, too) with that thoughtful response. Wow.


    Not for long, though. Here goes my spontaneous reply, NYCPat: Ha ha ha, that didn’t take long. WELCOME BACK!!!

  3. linnetmoss says:

    That’s a very revealing dream, and very funny 🙂

  4. WithTongues says:

    When I think about fandom and RA – and the absolute hold he has on normally well-adjusted women, I’m reminded of college courses that popped up at a few universities in my day. These were multi-disciplinary courses exploring the social/cultural/et al impact of Star Trek (the Original Series)!!! Perhaps one day we’ll see psych courses offered on the Obsession that is RA! I’ll be the first to enroll! LOL!! It’s fun to watch Richard grow and change right before our eyes: he’s gone from “fumbling sent from my iPad” to Tweeting his beak off – it’s difficult to keep up with all the excitement and joy he generates. I’ve never been so breathless! So I say, kick back and ride the waves! Pat, I never doubted you still love Richard – and I think you/we always will. Life is good!

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