Being A Fan; What’s “Normal” for a Fan; The Crucible Stage Door Experience

I was writing a tourist visits London post, when I realized that this blog is not that. It is meant to strip aside the polite conventions of blogging to reveal the real, palpable emotion of being a fan in the midst of “obsessive” behaviour. The whole purpose of my blogging is to try to understand why I have these obsessions. Why a person/place/thing can make me so happy that my real life issues seem insignificant.

Lucas eyelashes

Beautiful, beautiful Lucas!!

The trip to London has made me reassess my “fandom”.  I saw myself acting in a way as a fan that in my real life I would be horrified at. Why did it become so important to me to get a picture with Richard Armitage?? It doesn’t mean anything! Yet, in those minutes I felt compelled to get that darn picture! I had to show everyone I was there – I got a picture! Why? Would it have made me happy? Probably not.

I am very sad, but I think I must end Marie. I hope to keep my friends who’ve I’ve made in this fandom. You know who you are. If anyone needs to get in touch in touch with me, you can still email me at I won’t delete the account. I won’t be blogging or twittering anymore as Marie, though. Thanks for your interest and support in my blog. I need to rethink things.



From New York City. Anglophile, theater-goer, love books, music and LIFE.
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9 Responses to Being A Fan; What’s “Normal” for a Fan; The Crucible Stage Door Experience

  1. Perry says:

    To the blogger who defines the obsessive fan and who saw Richard Armitage live four – count them- four times in four different settings. To the fan who defines what a stage door fan ought to be. To the fan who obsessively saw High Jackman – paid good money, to see Hugh Jackman – what was it – 15 times? To the fan who stopped eating to get to London to see The Crucible – and let’s face it- the real thing – for a die hard theater goer- was the play – To the blogger who has never hidden her emotions or opinions – even when they seemed out of step with the gushing ones – to someone who gives us her raw feelings – you shoot from the hip.
    Do rethink. Don’t let something or someone like this get to you. Who will Perry disagree with if you’re not here?
    You can now have an added obsession – you get that photo – girl.

  2. KatharineD says:

    Marie, I really hope you reconsider your decision. This fandom needs a range of different voices, and you’re always so upfront with how you feel. Please, take the time out that you need, and then come back and add your thoughts to whatever new direction RA’s career takes.

  3. Bollyknickers says:

    Perfectly said Katharine.

    And what’s normal anyway? Most people in my RL have no idea about Bollyknickers and I would be terribly embarrassed if they did. But I know my life is richer for all the intelligent, funny, thoughtful and kind people I know because of Richard Armitage.

    I hope you reconsider.

  4. armitagebesotted says:

    You have until December to get things sorted, at which time you will attend the NYC Hobbit Battle Armies premiere with me and our ITS gang, oh yes you will.

  5. AwkwardCeleb says:

    Marie, I’m on my phone up in Vermont and I can’t type on this thing. So forgive the autocorrect fails and the brevity of this….
    1. What Perry said.
    2. What Besotted said.
    3. I truly believe that directly after a RL encounter is a very emotional time for a fan, and this not the best time to make big decisions. Definitely take a step back, take a much needed break, but don’t feel like you have to burn any bridges. We will be here if & when you feel ready to rejoin.

  6. linnetmoss says:

    Marie, there is nothing wrong with trying to understand what you’re feeling. But please don’t jump to a negative conclusion or give in to feelings of shame. You have nothing to be ashamed of and in fact much to be proud of, witness your wonderful blog! I agree that directly before and after an encounter with one’s Object of Interest, there are a lot of conflicting emotions. Let yourself work through them before making any big decisions.

  7. NYCPAT says:

    Thank you all so so so much!! I AM processing. I don’t know what I want to do at this point. I am seriously happy that my Twitter friends have all followed me, as my real self, not Marie. I am surprised and happy!! Thank you for the kind words!

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