I Love New York City! Part One: Summer in the City


A kiosk in Central Park, August 2014

Ahh, New York City! I am so happy I was born here! So happy I managed to rent an apartment in Manhattan when rents were way less than half what they are now. So happy that I held on to my apartment in Manhattan even when I mistakenly moved to New Jersey for two years. I never want to live anywhere else!

Today I ventured out to Central Park to take a look at the Zoo for the first time in a few years. My friend is a “Heritage Member”, meaning that she has included the Wildlife Conservation Society in her will. She gets free admission for herself and her friends to all WCS venues. Yay! Free admission! The Central Park Zoo is quite small, so free is good.

It was a lovely summer day. High temperature of 81 F, 27 C. In the shade it felt much cooler. Sunny, but not humid. Quite pleasant.

Here is what the Central Park Zoo consists of: The Tropic Zone, which is hot & humid recreation of a rainforest. We skipped that. The Sea Lion pool. The Snow Monkeys. The Red Pandas. The Snow Leopards. The Penguins. That’s it. There a few other animals here and there, but that’s basically it. Poor Gus, the elderly polar bear, passed on this year, and his exhibit is empty.

The Sea Lions were about to be fed, so they were very comically jumping up in the pool to try to see over the heads of the crowds to see if the food was coming. When it came they were ecstatic!

IMG_0139One of the sea lions gets checked out.

Next up were the Snow Monkeys, but they were sleeping. So we went to see the Red Pandas. What a treat!

IMG_0143 IMG_0148

Mrs. Red Panda was taking a walk about, until she found some tasty bamboo.


After she enjoyed her bamboo lunch (the docent explained that “panda” means “eats bamboo”!) She joined her husband for a nap in the tree.

Next up: Back to the Snow Monkeys!



Another hungry Zoo resident!

The penguins were adorable as usual. Didn’t take any pictures because I didn’t think they would come out. One time I went to a special penguin event at the zoo, and was surprised to learn that same sex penguin couples sometimes build a next together to rear a family. So interesting!

We left the Zoo and went to sit a while out in the Park. Summer in the City!

IMG_0176 This lovely man carves tiny animals out of stone!






A lovely, lovely day. So happy I’m here.




From New York City. Anglophile, theater-goer, love books, music and LIFE.
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One Response to I Love New York City! Part One: Summer in the City

  1. I was not born in NYC, but I grew up there (in Brooklyn). NYC will always have a special place in my heart. The NYC that I grew up in though is gone, thanks to greed and real estate investors. Never the less, it is a place where you can always find something to do and someplace to go. There is so much energy there and diversity of people and neighborhoods.

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