Into the Storm NYC Event Was Great Fun!

Well, after all the waiting, it’s over. A group of Richard Armitage fans met up in New York City and went to see Into the Storm. A great time was had by all! In fact, we are thinking about another meet-up, even without an Armitage film to see!!


The real Star of the movie: BIG TORNADO!!

I won’t pretend to give a real review of the movie itself. I will just say that I am sorry the trailers revealed the entire movie! With very little left out, if you have seen the trailers, you have seen the movie.  Or the best parts of the movie. There is other stuff in the movie that is tedious and dopey. And sadly, I must say this is not the movie to show your friends as an example of why you are a Richard Armitage fan. He needs to get a lot more comfortable with the American accent. Not that he did it badly, just seemed very uncomfortable with it. Or maybe it was just the dopey dialogue. Of which there wasn’t a lot for him.

There were some nice close-ups of his face that I hadn’t seen in trailers or stills from the movie. They will make nice screen caps someday.

But the really fun part of the day was sharing it with other fans! We all enjoyed sharing stories and laughing at the silliness of it all. I am very glad I decided to pull this “event” together, and I thank Gratiana Lovelace for coming up with the idea. I hope the participants in the Chicago Event had as much fun as we in NYC did!

Here’s an illustration, thanks to @armitagebesotted!




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15 Responses to Into the Storm NYC Event Was Great Fun!

  1. So glad you had fun. I wish I lived closer.

  2. You have just confirmed my doubts about this movie. I think I might wait and watch it when it comes out on Bluray!

    • Marie Astra says:

      I like disaster movies usually. My mouth was literally hanging open a lot if the time looking at the tornado. But as a RA fan…it’s good to support his career and increase box office. 😀

  3. armitagebesotted says:

    I agree with Marie Astra that the trailers gave away the whole thing to the point where during a scene with dad and his two boys at the end which was not revealed in press or trailers, I found myself thinking, “What movie is this from?”

    Lady0akenshield and others: Even if you don’t actually go to the movie, do buy a ticket, okay? Remember, we’re doing our part. If we hope for our petitions to deciders like the Old Vic people about filming The Crucible to be successful, we’ve got to deliver on our claims that we will buy tickets — as we are in the U.S. this weekend (Go, fangirls, go!) for this dopey movie: (Thanks to Perry for that link.)

  4. guylty says:

    Whatever about the movie – good to hear you all had fun meeting up. That’s half the fun of it all, if not more. Cheers for writing it up, Marie!

  5. WithTongues says:

    I was especially happy to be included with the fun NYC contingent; and I agree with Marie Astra and armitagebesotted’s comments on the film. Soooo, ladies, guess where I went this afternoon? That’s right: Into the Storm – again – in IMAX and super deluxe surround blow-you-out-of-the-seat-sound. True confessions, I just had to look for the flying cow (nope, still didn’t see it) and to see RA finally out of his Dad pants and rocking a pair of jeans instead (oh yeah, saw that!) Honestly, I enjoyed the film the second time (!) especially for the special effects. Happily here in CT suburbia, there was a crowd of RA fans ‘squeee-ing’ in all the right places! And happy applause and cheers went up from the entire house when the credits rolled! It’s a fun movie – something we’ve never seen Richard do before. It’s summer – go see it!

  6. armitagebesotted says:

    Besides the fellow fan who attended with us, I’ve found two reviewers who mention the flying cow. Keep looking!

  7. WithTongues says:

    …and bunsss…don’t forget bunsss.

  8. RAFrenzy says:

    Thanks, Marie! Although I’m probably still going to spend money to see this. LOL

  9. August 16, 2014–HI Marie, Glad you had a fun time! I’ll reblog you over on the OpITS2014 site for Stormy Sunday tomorrow. Cheers! Grati ;->

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