NO! Richard Armitage is NOT Hugh Jackman!!

Also, there was a review that I can’t find right now which called Richard Armitage “the poor man’s Hugh Jackman”. Seriously?? First of all, Richard is every bit as good an actor as my dear Hugh Jackman. (Actually better, but, shhh don’t tell Hugh I said that!)

Plus, I started this blog with the express purpose of showing that Richard Armitage is NOT a Hugh Jackman wannabe, clone, lookalike, whatever. Maybe type. They are both 6’2″ men who dance.Β You can read about it here.

Richard Armitage is 100% himself. He is unlike anyone else. PAY ATTENTION, stupid reviewers/reporters!!




From New York City. Anglophile, theater-goer, love books, music and LIFE.
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12 Responses to NO! Richard Armitage is NOT Hugh Jackman!!

  1. armitagebesotted says:

    On first listen, I thought the interviewer told Richard he looks like Hugh Jackman and was incensed, too. Yo, dude, don’t put someone on the spot with such a stupid comment. How is he supposed to react to that?

    When I listened again, I realized the interviewer was still reacting to the “weather channel guy” thinking Armitage was Australian and explaining it by surmising that the weather channel guy (not this interviewer) may have thought Armitage was Hugh Jackman (who is Australian).

    Which means, as an aside, this interviewer accused weather channel guy of not doing any prep whatsoever before arriving at the press tent, e.g. reading the studio’s press kit and knowing who’s in the film. Whatever.

    I had trouble with the interviewer’s Australian accent, and, though I think he sounds like a ditz, I’ve seen this interview described on several other RA blogs today as really funny — respectable, credible blogs (by our standards).

    As an American, I think I’m missing something in the translation and, therefore, will let go of my annoyance.

    All that aside, my favorite moment is at 1:48 when Marlise photo-bombs Australian dude’s interview while leaning in to hear RA’s answer to the question about using Thorin to pick up women. Go, Marlise! We thoroughly understand.

    • Marie Astra says:

      You are too much, besotted! LOL!! The point is that RA is NOT HJ!! This particular interviewer just happens to be Australian. Good for him. At least he didn’t think RA was HJ! πŸ˜€

  2. belbird says:

    Hey, I’m an Aussie and I didn’t find the interviewer funny. Think the guys at RAC were being kind and giving him the benefit of the doubt. They (RA and HJ) have their similarities and different strengths: Richard’s the better dramatic actor, IMO.

  3. Hi, found this link through a gmail alert…. As a big fan of both, Hugh since 2001 and Richard since 2011, I see the similarities and the BIG differences between them. I love them both for their differences. Much as I see the similarities in appearance at times, they have very different personalities and acting styles, the way they carry themselves, I could go on and on and on… I have said they look like they could be half-brothers, yes. However, that’s as close as I’ll get to ever mistaking one for the other and never would I call Richard a “poor man’s Hugh Jackman”, how rude.
    Personally, I think Richard pulls the full beard off way better than Hugh, but Richard could never pull off a Wolverine. Just saying…. and I didn’t think the interviewer was funny or cute, just lame.

    • Marie Astra says:

      Thanks for commenting! I’ve been a HJ fan since 2003 when I saw him in The Boy from Oz on Broadway. Have seen him many times in person and now have seen RA three times and they are so different to me!! Totally agree with your assessment! Come back and read more of the blog sometime! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

  4. Theresa says:

    Hi, I kept hearing people make comparisons between Richard Armitage and Hugh Jackman so I decided to see for myself. It is incredibly rude for anyone to call Richard Armitage a poor man’s Hugh Jackman. Also, personally, I do not think they look that much alike, but both are very handsome. I think Hugh Jackman has a softer face to some extent but both are very manly with rugged features. I suppose at some angles they look similar.

    That being said, I have seen interviews for both and am especially familiar with the way Hugh Jackman is off the screen. Admittedly, I find Hugh Jackman’s off screen personality more endearing and have actually looked up to him as a role model for quite some time. Richard Armitage is funny and has a nice personality in interviews, but for quite some time, what I have seen regarding Hugh Jackman as a person has absolutely blown me away and motivated me. The dedication Hugh Jackman shows towards his wife of almost 20 years and his two children is inspirational (never being apart from them for more than two weeks, being a stay-at-home dad some years just so his wife can have her career too, turning down roles that require him to be away from his family, being very active in his children’s schools – even being an assistant coach). And the kindness, love, and joy Hugh Jackman exudes is extraordinary and unlike anything I have ever seen before. He even buys gifts for all cast and crew (between 300 and 400 people) on every movie he has ever done and mentors extras on the movie sets to the point where they tweet about how he is the kindest, most generous and helpful man they have ever worked with. Hugh Jackman also has this incredible discipline that I have rarely seen – the way he wakes up at 4 am every morning to train his body, even when not playing Wolverine, the way he pushes himself beyond limits and motivates others to do the same – I find that inspiring. I remember seeing an interview with Hugh Jackman and Marie Osmond, and if I didn’t know he was an actor, I would have guessed he was a motivational speaker and author of many books. The man is incredibly profound. And he is very child-like: always giggling and hopeful and optimistic. Mr. Jackman is also one of the biggest humanitarians in Hollywood and has been actively involved with volunteer work since way before he was famous. He also overcame hardship (such as his mom abandoning him as an 8 year old) and rather than having bitterness in his heart, he has always seemed full of love, compassion, and forgiveness.

    Both Jackman and Armitage seem very humble and both are excellent actors and very talented (singing, dancing, theater backgrounds, and both play musical instruments). For those saying Armitage is a better dramatic actor, I wouldn’t go that far. I am yet to see a man portray vulnerability on film as well as Hugh Jackman. His breakdown scene in The Fountain gets me every time. I had never seen a man cry like that before on screen, and I think it is partly because as Anne Hathaway has said, Hugh Jackman himself is a fairly vulnerable sensitive man in real life. I’m pretty sure I remember the director of X-Men saying that he told Hugh to get angrier for the part and told him to “get in a fight with your wife or something” and even mere thought of being in a verbal fight with his wife made Hugh Jackman tear up. I find that to be very beautiful.

    • NYCPAT says:

      OMG!! Thank you so much for such s thoughtfelt, intelligent response!! Yes! I agree w everything you say about HJ. I do not judge between HJ and RA as Actors. I prefer RA in general. In live performance I think HJ is fantastic. None better. As far as personality, I totally support HJ. Richard is a lovely man too. I know HJ practices Practical Philosophy, as do I. That is why I love him very much!! Not sure if RA has a philosophy but he is an unbelievably nice man. Love them both. Thanks so much for your thoughts!

      • Theresa says:

        Aw that is very sweet of you! Thank you πŸ™‚ I wasn’t sure if you would actually respond since I saw your blog post a couple of months after you wrote it. I agree that RA is a very nice man and he is definitely charming and humble – much different from most Hollywood actors. I think I relate a little more to Hugh’s more open (less shy) personality. I respect RA’s privacy and I respect that he stays quiet and very private about everything, but I feel that Hugh talks about his experiences to help people and I love that about him. It’s like he shares a part of himself with all of us and wants us to experience the same joy he does. He doesn’t complain about his past hardships, but he tells encouraging stories that uplift people and he sends motivational messages. I’ve always loved what he says about being open. I think it is hard to compare RA and HJ as actors. Do you mean you generally prefer RA as an actor? I feel that they approach acting similarly, but the types of roles they play are rather different. RA is an excellent actor (possibly underrated), but so is Hugh (I still think he deserved an Oscar for Les Mis). I agree about Hugh as a performer. He brings this energy that is incredible: just loads of charisma oozing out of him. When did you stop obsessing over him? Just curious. I don’t know that I am obsessed with anybody, but I know for sure that I look up to Hugh as a role model, and my boyfriend and I are very inspired by him and his wife. The way Hugh talks about love and spirituality has always been uplifting to me. I am interested in the school of Practical Philosophy but never really had a full understanding of what it is about. I am a Christian, but my philosophy is quite different from most other Christians and I do not attend church most of the time because I feel they are too judgmental. Would I be welcome at the school? I’ve heard so many mixed things about it and was never sure what to believe.

      • NYCPAT says:

        Re my obsession with Hugh – It’s been 10 years since I first saw him in The Boy from Oz. In the meantime he has become so mega-popular that he’s just not the same person I was obsessed with 10 yrs ago. And now I have Richard Armitage to obsess over. LOL

        Re the School of Practical Philosophy – they are all lovely and you would be welcomed and feel comfortable. Have no fear about that! Their philosophy is inclusive of Christian beliefs. Totally.

      • Theresa says:

        Oh okay, thanks for your response. Aw poor Hugh! You dumped him instead of obsessing over both, lol. He still seems like the same person to me, in fact, he seems wiser now. He seems older now (because he is) and a bit tired, but he’s still the same genuine, loving, compassionate soul I grew to admire so much. I guess the fact that he became a megastar made me respect him even more because despite the immense success and accolades and money thrown at him, he is still humble, dedicated, committed to his family, and has maintained who he is, which is especially hard to do when you rise towards the top of the A-List. I think most people on your blog seem to be much bigger Richard Armitage because you’re the only person I’ve seen Hugh get any love from on here, lol.

        Thanks for the info on the School of Practical Philosophy. I have been wanting to check it out. At the moment I don’t have the money, but I’m definitely interested!

      • NYCPAT says:

        I don’t think it is really expensive to do the School of Practical Philosophy, but I don’t remember how much it costs. It’s not anything that HJ did that made me change, just the way it happens! I wasn’t that interested in the X-Men films and am not a fan of Les Miserables, so his projects didn’t interest me too much. That may happen with Richard Armitage as well because he seems interested in roles that are not that interesting to me, but we’ll see what happens! Thanks so much for your comments and I hope I have interesting blog posts for you in the future!! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

      • Theresa says:

        Hopefully it is not too expensive! Thanks! Oh, okay. Poor Richard might get dumped by you too! lol. What kind of films are you interested in? Les Miserables was my favorite novel so I knew I was going to love the musical and the movie musical, and I wasn’t disappointed. See, I actually love X-Men. I’m not too keen on the look Hugh has to have for the film, but I’m a big superhero nerd and I love Wolverine/Rogue. I also loved The Fountain (as I’ve stated), The Prestige, Real Steel, Australia, Prisoners, Kate & Leopold, and some others. I mostly know Richard from The Hobbit, which is amazing. So I guess I like their projects. πŸ™‚ It seems you love Hugh’s theater work though. Aw, you’re welcome! I do definitely find your blog interesting.

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