Into the Storm Premiere NYC – I Was There! Part Two


Marlise Boland of The Anglophile Channel

Before Richard Armitage arrived at the Red (Black) Carpet, Marlise Boland and her family arrived. To us Richard Armitage fans, Marlise is practically royalty! She had a 45 minute interview with him, to give him The Anglophile Channel’s 2013 Favourite British Artist of the Year Award. Since then Marlise has been “one of us” – a committed Richard Armitage fan!!  It was so exciting to meet her, and I got lovely hugs from her!! Her daughter filmed Rebecca Clark and myself gushing about The Anglophile Channel and seeing Richard Armitage. You can see it here. Don’t hate me. 😀

When Richard Armitage’s car pulled up, my mind went blank. I forgot what I was doing. I started snapping pictures.


Then he moved to go into the press tent.

                                IMG_0072      IMG_0073

And then he responded to our screams to please come over here, Richard!!


Such a lovely man. Made even more lovely by the makeup he was wearing! It was the first thing I noticed! Of course he has to wear makeup for the photographers, but it surprised me.

I don’t know what was going through my mind, other than, take pictures and at least get an autograph! I had something I wanted him to sign, but it would have taken an explanation, and I was carrying some postcards around and I had the idea of having him sign one of the postcards. He did! He didn’t look up at all. No opportunity to say anything. He just signed, signed, signed and turned away. I think he did say a few words to the three or four people standing in front. There were maybe three of us standing behind them. Others were standing further around the corner and he never even looked up to see them. (Don’t feel bad – they saw him later, and even got pics with him!)

When he turned and went into the press tent I was numb. That was it. I stood there with my friends and we were like, OK what now? Should we try to get pics of other actors? There was the little girl who was waiting to see Nathan Kress, so we decided to help her get his attention. Soon after he arrived in a car with Max Deacon.

IMG_0110          IMG_0113

And he came over! The little girl was delighted!!

That was it! At that moment, one of my friends said, Is that Annabel Capper? I looked where she was pointing and I saw the back of a woman walking away from the theater, talking on the phone. Didn’t think it looked like her. But, guess what, it WAS her! Someone got an autograph from her inside the movie theater. How lovely that she was there for Richard!

After some consultation, we (the maybe 15 people who had been hanging around the theater since about 3:00 PM) decided Richard would be coming out very quickly after the movie started at 7:00, so we moved from the corner to the side door of the theater. This was about 6:30. Lots of thin, dressed up, heavily made up people with tickets started to go in. Lots of ordinary, local, elderly people started to come OUT of the theater, leaving after the movie they were there to see was over.  Many of them came over to me and asked what we were waiting for. After having spent two hours saying Into the Storm with Richard Armitage and having them give me a blank stare, I decided, after consulting Twitter, to say “Richard Armitage from The Hobbit”. That got a positive response! They said “Oh!” and walked on.

Richard’s SUV was revved up and ready to roll as soon as he left the theater. Unfortunately, my cell phone battery died right then, so no pictures. The security guys were anxious that we not stand behind the car and get run over, or stand on the sidewalk and block pedestrians, so they herded everyone behind a barricade. I was in the street behind a barricade behind the vehicle. They left me alone, so a couple of others (Grace and Cathy) came and joined me. Grace had a letter to give him. Sadly it didn’t work out for her. When he came out the side door, he did go over to the people waiting behind the barricade. He took some pics with some of them, signed stuff and ran off to the SUV. @armitagebesotte gave him her sign which said “No Circus Questions Here!” He took it! Grace tried to get her letter to him, but the car pulled away and he was gone.

All in all, I was not surprised or disappointed at the experience. Having weathered many, many Stage Door appearances of Hugh Jackman, I know that sometimes you click and most times you get a scribble and a wave. I was very lucky I got to interact for about 30 seconds with Hugh. Maybe in London when I go to see The Crucible I’ll get 30 seconds with Richard Armitage? A picture? 20 seconds? LOL!! Two seconds look into his eyes? LOL LOL LOL A girl can dream….

ra canadian ITS

The moral of the story is: EVERYONE, EVERYONE WHO READS THIS BLOG MUST GO SEE INTO THE STORM THIS WEEKEND! If you live in NYC, we are meeting up and going to see the 4:25 showing at the Lincoln Square 13 Cinema where the premiere was held. See my blog about the details HERE!!



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21 Responses to Into the Storm Premiere NYC – I Was There! Part Two

  1. kelbel75 says:

    “no circus questions here” LOL! I love that 😀

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  4. It is all so rushed and yet I am sure the adrenlin is pumping the moment he appears. Thanks so much for sharing your experience with us. I think it pays to be a photographer at that moment and not worry too much about interacting. Honestly, how much would he remember with so many faces in front of him. Does Annabel live in New York too? I thought she was based in London? And about the make up I thought I noticed it in some photos, but I honestly was not sure until you mentioned it. Interesting.

  5. Marie Astra says:

    I don’t know about Annabel. Maybe she is working on something in NYC. I was surprised she was there, but that was nice. Doubt he remembers anyone, he sees so many people!! It’s just that looking at someone is a different experience than just having him sign a piece of paper you hold out. :-/

  6. Christine Na'imah says:

    Tremendous, thanks for the second half of the report. :} I’ve often thought, I don’t collect autographs, I’d rather just say hello – but I can’t imagine, with the number of people he meets per week, if he tried to actually “say hello” to all of them. (mind boggling) The price of stardom, indeed!! Still, so glad to see his career (and his cheekbones) taking off. 😉

    • Christine Na'imah says:

      OH!! And WHY have I not won the Lotto yet, so I could jet over an see the flick with y’all? Then zoom to London for Crucibliciousness? Hmph. Maybe because I don’t play? (tapping chin) That could be it. DOH

      • Marie Astra says:

        Win the Lotto already, okay?? I need you to be here!! 😀 😀

      • Christine Na'imah says:

        lol Working on it!! Hey… it just occurred to me to wonder. Is the film shaky? I get nauseous with non-steady cinema, and I’ve heard a lot (most?) is handheld camera work… 😦 MWAH!

    • Veronica says:

      He seemed to be chipper when arriving but when leaving after doing all the press interviews, it looked like he just wanted to bolt into the black SUV waiting for him. I called him over for a picture, he had this expression like oh no! But he nevertheless walked towards me & I tried to get a selfie w/him but I must’ve gotten so nervous, I didn’t press the shutter button all the way. No picture. As he started signing autographs, he loosened up & grinned a bit. It all happened so fast! Then he was gone.

      • Marie Astra says:

        Yes. He did seem to be wanting to get things over with and get back to London, I think. Until The Crucible is over, that’s where his heart is!! 😀 😀

  7. armitagebesotted says:

    I was standing right next to Marie, and I didn’t notice the face makeup. Go figure. These events are such a blur that your mind just goes zonk, and you don’t know which impressions are going to stick.

    Note to Saturday movie-goers. We’ve change the movie time from 4:20 to 5:05, because 4:20 is SOLD OUT. (Yeah for the first-weekend box office take.) Order your tickets on line NOW, if you are joining us, and rsvp to Marie so we know to look for you and don’t leave you hanging out by yourself in a sandwich shop.

  8. rashisama says:

    It was so lovely to formally meet you Marie!!

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