Into the Storm Premiere, NYC – I was there!! Part One

IMG_0074Here he comes..getting out of the car…


Yes, I was at the NYC Premiere of Into the Storm, starring Richard Armitage (from The Hobbit). I add that because I quickly learned that was the way to explain to passersby why I was standing in the middle of the street outside a New York movie theater which was showing movies all day, with people leaving the theater, only to be confronted with US standing around waiting for something. What’s going on?? Who’s in this movie?? Why, Richard Armitage, from The Hobbit! Ohhh, they said. And walked away.

My Into the Storm day started at 3:00 pm when I got to the AMC Loews Lincoln Square 13 Cinema. There was a white tent covering the front of the theater. Hmmm. Went past the theater to the other side, West 67th St. There were security guard looking gents, a line of people standing by the side door, and various other folks wandering around. Well, those other folks were all, not mostly, ALL! Richard Armitage fans!! We were all there to see the man himself!! Only one Nathan Kress fan showed up. Otherwise, we were all there for Richard.

At 4:00 I went to the Starbucks on Columbus Ave. & 67th St. to get an iced coffee (it was hot!) and to meet up with @awkwardceleb and @saraalizecross, who had press passes from Warner Brothers to be in the press tent to interview Richard Armitage himself!!  They were preparing for the event so I left them and went back to the theater, where I met up with Twitter friends, @armitagebesotte, @rcny13, @faboamanto, @nancyjohnson1 and some new friends, who I don’t have Twitter names for. We stood around on the corner of W. 68th St & Broadway, where the limos were supposed to arrive and let there passengers out. It was a very short walk from the open limo door to the door to the tent, and nowhere for fans to stand! We were kind of shoved off onto a corner. I staked out my position on that corner, and even though a NYC street garbage can stood in my way, I was determined to get pics of Richard Armitage as he came out of the limo!! As it turned out, I was in a good spot.


Getting out of his limo, about 6:10 pm

So shortly after 6:00 PM, Richard Armitage arrives. Before the other actors. Eeeks! We started snapping pictures and calling “Richard, Richard, come over here, please!” He was about to go into the press tent, but came over and started to sign stuff. There was a person who wanted to give him a present, and I heard him say, “Aww, I’m so sorry there’s nowhere for me to put it!”, so couldn’t take the present. He sounded sad, really!

Meanwhile, he signed photos and stuff people held out to him, like The Hobbit book. I only had a Greetings From New York City postcard in my purse, which I stuck in front of him, and he signed. He didn’t look up.


Not looking up.


Yes, still not looking up!

It is such an intense experience for those few seconds when you have the opportunity to see Richard Armitage right in front of you. I really wanted to say something but so does everyone else. And then he’s gone!


Bye, Richard!

After Richard left I waited for a bit to make sure that the little girl who wanted to have Nathan Kress sign a picture she had. So when he got out of the car, we called him over.

    IMG_0110 IMG_0113

So that was done and I left the corner of excitement. My chance at interacting with Richard Armitage was over for the day.

I have more to say, but I’ll write it later.



From New York City. Anglophile, theater-goer, love books, music and LIFE.
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18 Responses to Into the Storm Premiere, NYC – I was there!! Part One

  1. linnetmoss says:

    Gorgeous! So happy for you. And I absolutely love him in that suit…

  2. jazzbaby1 says:

    So glad you got to be there and that you had a great time!

  3. kelbel75 says:

    very exciting, assembly line or not! it was so nice of the experienced fangirls to help that little girl out, too 😎

    ps. I saw you on the Anglophile Channel 😀

  4. Wow wow wow! Awesome pics mate, he really looks so damned handsome in blue. I’m so happy you got to see him and get an autograph.

  5. guylty says:

    How brilliant is all that, Marie???? Fantastic pictures, btw, and kudos for catching the right spot and calling out etc. Also, nice to hear that the RArmy was represented! Very special forces we are ;-).
    As for how quick it all is – yes! Same at the stage door! Well, it’s seconds for you, but minutes for him, I suppose!
    Thanks for sharing!!

  6. Perry says:

    Marie, I am happy you got a close up look and and an autograph, and I look forward to reading part 2 – which I think is going to include your actual impressions – and maybe something about the film. But mostly, what I loved about your story was ensuring that the young fan got her autograph.
    And what’s so bad about standing next to a NYC trash can? Either it’ll be empty because not enough people use it, or it’ll have lots of left over Starbucks and empty water bottles.

  7. Christine Na'imah says:

    Awesome!! Thank you so much for sharing. 😀 Those of us watching from far away really appreciate it. Sending hugs from over here!! Can’t wait to hear the rest of your adventures!!

  8. Woo hoo, Marie! I’m so glad that you had a wonderful time at the Into the Storm NYC premiere! And great pictures of Richard Armitage! Reblogging links for your parts 1 & 2 on both web sites for Wednesday. Woo hoo again! Cheers! Grati ;->

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  11. Faboamanto says:

    So glad you got to see him up close and personal – an exciting day.

  12. Mezz says:

    Thank you for sharing Marie! Your photos are fabulous – congrats on one being used by Ilaria!

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  14. SH says:

    Marie, you got fantastic photos! And wonderful taking care of the little girl looking for Nathan 🙂
    This may be an odd question, but in the middle one of the 3 big pictures – is he typing into someone’s laptop? or what? I’ve been wondering about that ever since I first saw it…… getting ready to read Part 2!

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