Richard Armitage with Dogs, Cats, and Children.. and NO BEARD!

A break from The Crucible!

Richard Armitage has such different personas that he portrays in his various roles. Many times he is the “alpha male”, tough guy, leading the good fight. I love those roles. I also love when he shows a “softer” side – a Dad with kids, and pets. Awww.


Richard famously said he prefers a dog as a pet, rather than a cat. Still, he looks good with a dog!

Here’s the latest picture of Richard Armitage in Into the Storm, with his family dog.


RA and cat

And Richard with a kitty! Photoshopped, of course, but, oh so cute!! Looks good with a cat, too!

thorin and horseRichard as Thorin with his “pony”. They had a “thing” going with their “hair”.

And then there’s Richard with a frog:

RA and kermit

And, my favorite, Richard with his “children”:

Porter and daughter

ITS w kids

chop and urban

I love seeing pictures of Richard Armitage as John Proctor in The Crucible, but I have really been feeling like I need a break from that intensive beard and angry man!!

RA dork Copyright-GageSkidmore-04

That’s more like it!



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7 Responses to Richard Armitage with Dogs, Cats, and Children.. and NO BEARD!

  1. saraobsessed says:

    Spoiler. It’s not his dog. It’s Chester’s dog.

  2. Bollyknickers says:

    You forgot the photo with the black lab pup on the set of Urban. IMHO there is one thing better than a picture of RA with a dog, and that is RA with a puppy.

    We have a German shepherd cross who absolutely loves men. The bigger the man, the more ecstatic she is to meet him. So if she met RA she would throw herself at him wagging so hard her whole back end would shake, making little whimpering sounds. She’d then lean heavily against his thigh in an open invitation to stroke, and if he leaned down at all, he’d get a big kiss. Once she had calmed down she would let him meet everyone else but she would probably try and sneak in a quick sniff of his crotch or bottom while he was diverted.

    Sometimes it must be great to be a dog!

    • Marie Astra says:

      I know, Bolly! I couldn’t find the black lab pup picture anywhere for some reason! THAT was the pic I wanted most to use, too! I love it.

      Love your description of your dog! I could just see it. LOL! My girl, an American Eskimo, doesn’t like men, so not so much great. 😀

    • UK Expat says:

      Bolly – I think you deserve a ‘comments award’ for that last part of your comment – describing only too truthfully the internal machinations of your family dog!! 😀 Loved it!!

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