Richard Armitage Takes Less Than a Minute to Kill an AArmy!

Esquire Magazine Photo Shoot of Richard Armitage

This little video, a mere 43 seconds long, expresses more than many full-length movies do, in my opinion. Richard Armitage absolutely nails the role of “Sexy Man Get Ready to Go Out”. Yes, he knows he’s sexy. He’s confident and looking forward to the evening to come. Where is he going? Who is he going with? He inspires fantasy with every smooth move and lifted eyebrow.

I can’t stop watching it. I want to see the full-length movie. MORE PLEASE!

Praying hands and paws



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9 Responses to Richard Armitage Takes Less Than a Minute to Kill an AArmy!

  1. armitagebesotted says:

    I keep watching, and re-watching, and re-watching. I’m gobsmacked.

  2. linnetmoss says:

    Yes, the cufflinks get me every time 😉

    • armitagebesotted says:

      The cufflinks in particular? Linnetmoss, for you I repeat this post which I just put on nowhereinparticular.

      So I sent this video to three girlfriends. Really good girlfriends. I don’t bore them too much with my Armitage obsession. I only send the very best stuff — once every three months or so. I don’t think I’m making a fool of myself, but one wrote back: “Yes, my dear, he is cute. But no. He does not rock my world by putting on cufflinks.”

      This is why I need you guys.

      • linnetmoss says:

        Yes, the cufflinks! Mr. Armitage isn’t even my fan object of interest (though I like him very much). But as a fan, I understand how we think, and why such details can be so powerful for us.
        In any case, I feel sorry for any woman who misses out on the erotic charge of a sexy man putting on cufflinks 😉

  3. katia says:

    And it’s just at the end when he is looking directly at us that I imagine he could easily says : “My name is Bond, James Bond”…

  4. armitagebesotted says:

    Marie Astra: I just love your headline for this post!

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