Stage Door: Dos and Don’ts

I LOVE this blog!! Kelbel knows me too well!!

Nowhere in Particular RA

After rereading my blog post yesterday I feel I may have come off as too unaffected in regards to wanting to attend The Crucible or standing in line afterwards at the Stage Door.

3ca5398a-66ae-44c5-9f7c-0ce4251f9c50-all stage doors are lepers-

Truthfully, my husband got sick of hearing me whine about how I wish I could go to the play and me trying to sell him on the storyline. He made the big mistake of saying he thought it sounded like a good idea but when he checked into changing our flight plans, since we would be nearby for vacation, it was going to cost too much money. Why did he tell me that?! The next several weeks consisted of me trying to come up with every possible option that would work within our budget.

they'll take the kidney!good news: they’ll take the kidney!

I’ve (almost) come to terms with the fact that I won’t be…

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