In Awe of Richard Armitage

Ok, I was not going to post this until I had the chance to experience it for myself, but after so many nights (when did the previews start?) of The Crucible and Richard Armitage patiently waiting to see each person queued at the Stage Door, I must comment.

Valentina & RA

My friend Valentina with Richard at the Stage Door.

Night after night this man has performed a grueling, emotional, intense role as John Proctor in The Crucible at the Old Vic theater in London. And night after night he has stood at the Stage Door after the performance, spending time with each and every fan waiting to see him there. Unlike Broadway, the narrow sidewalk outside the Stage Door doesn’t allow for crowds. So, unlike Broadway theater goers, fans just line up, waiting for the star of the production to come out. And he does. Every night. He just kindly spends his precious time talking to each person who wants to talk to him. He takes pictures. He listens to awkward professions of admiration. He signs programs, books, pictures, tickets, whatever.

crucible queue

The Stage Door queue.

I have literally never heard of an actor doing this. Maybe they have, but I have never heard of it. To me, it is an amazing act of kindness by a very special person who values each and every other person who expresses admiration for him. He is my hero. I want to be that kind of person.



From New York City. Anglophile, theater-goer, love books, music and LIFE.
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13 Responses to In Awe of Richard Armitage

  1. fedoralady says:

    He’s a very special human being, there’s no denying it. How he keeps doing it night after night is mind-boggling. And maybe meeting with fans after the production helps him sort of depressurize , for lack of a better term, after such a physically and emotionally intense performance. At any rate, he handles it all with great aplomb and such a gentlemanly nature. Impossible not to be impressed by such a man. And by the way, congrats on getting to go to London to see him—color me the brightest shade of green. 😉

    • Marie Astra says:

      LOL Angie! I am very grateful I will get to go see this production. I agree about the depressurizing. In a way, what could be better than meeting with a bunch of people who love you? 😀 Especially if they are well behaved and not jumping all over you!

  2. He is inspirational! You said it very well. I want to be that kind of person too.

    • Marie Astra says:

      I have been in situations where I have been very stressed out and people want my attention. It is very hard to be polite and kind to those people. I manage, but it is hard!

  3. UK Expat says:

    How does it work on Broadway – do people hover in a circular blob outside the Stage Door? Not sure if it’s a British thing, but it’s been pretty low key at the Old Vic so far, which I find terribly relaxing and civilized. Everyone just naturally queues up and waits their turn. I imagine it’s similar to a comic con type experience…

    • Marie Astra says:

      Well, my experience of Broadway stage doors is that there are barriers set up blocking fans from the door. The actors come out and move around the barriers, signing programs and taking pics with people near the barriers or who push themselves to the barriers. More like a movie premiere, I guess. Nothing orderly about it! For popular actors, there are SO many people they may not really even go to the barrier, just wave and get in their car.

  4. kelbel75 says:

    following Richard has brought out the good in me in so many ways; he’s inspiring ❤

  5. Anonymous says:

    He is a special person and I would not be surprised if he is more comfortable with his fans than with some other people who might want to meet him, but I think the preview visitors might be the luckiest ones. Once the performances become ‘official’, I would think he may have more official after show commitments on some occasions like opening night, and with the opening of Into the Storm getting closer, he will probably have commitments to take care of there too.

    • Marie Astra says:

      Thanks for your comment. Yes that is quite possible. If there are VIPs in the audience who go backstage after the performance he would have to talk to them. Otherwise I imagine he can do promo work during the day. We’ll see!!

  6. Sandy Sue says:

    Sigh. I can’t wait. September 2, front row seat. I don’t even dare to hope to get a picture afterward. Thanks, P, for doing the Richard *squee* with me.
    And thanks, too, for that remarkable gift.

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