The Crucible: First Preview a RAVE!!

Valentina & RA

Valentina with Richard Armitage at The Crucible stage door

This picture says it all for me. Even though Valentina didn’t get to see the first preview performance, she stayed at the stage door from 4:30 until almost midnight, just for the chance to see Richard in person. And she did!!

By all reports, The Crucible is an amazing production, leaving the audience in tears. Richard Armitage must be just busting with pride! The fact that he spent time with his well-wishers on his way out of the theater makes me love him even more, if that’s possible.

I have been, of course, opining on my exciting experiences with Hugh Jackman outside the theater where he was performing The Boy from Oz. Based on that experience, I expected that Richard Armitage would rise to the occasion and be just as generous to his fans at the stage door, and I am VERY relieved to see that he was!!

I am so happy for all who got to experience tonight’s performance, and those who will experience the future performances. I am extremely sad for myself that I can’t go to London this summer, but I am happy to share in others happiness. Enjoy and please continue to share your experiences!!

Val w poster



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