Fandom, Again.

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This is beautiful.

I’ve been reading some blogs that suggest that someone can take your happiness away because they say something that denigrates your happiness in being a fan. There have been several blogs and tweets about the IMDB Richard Armitage board and the “trolls” who are harassing people there.

Me, I just stay away from places like that. I just leave a website that is expressing a viewpoint that makes me uncomfortable, or that I really disagree with. Maybe I’m shallow. If a Tweeter I follow is acting in a way that I find brings me down or makes me uncomfortable, I unfollow. I just do. This is a “hobby” for me – blogging, tweeting, tumblr, whatever. I look for the happy. I’m not looking to make a name for myself, or get a lot of follows or followers. If you like what I write, that makes me happy. I suspect more don’t care about me, which is fine. I have a bunch of people who do care about me and I care about them.

I watched William Shatner’s documentary that he directed “Get A Life” (2012), about the Star Trek fandom. Shatner started out thinking Star Trek fans were nuts, but this film illustrates the richness that fans create from their love of a tv show/film/actor. It’s a beautiful thing.

Life is full of ugliness. A simplistic way of looking at Buddhism is to say that misery is unavoidable, so why be miserable? We can’t silence the trolls. We can only ignore them. I know that some will disagree with my opinion. Which is fine. 😀

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More beauty!





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12 Responses to Fandom, Again.

  1. I agree wholeheartedly with your statement: “This is a “hobby” for me – blogging, tweeting, tumblr, whatever. I look for the happy.” Nicely said.

  2. linnetmoss says:

    Couldn’t agree more. When I started blogging, I had exchanges where people lashed out at me. Instead of being fun, it was anxiety-producing and frustrating. So I decided to focus on the positive and I’ve never looked back! BTW I love the photos, especially the first one. Nothing beats a really beautiful suit. Except maybe a birthday suit.

  3. I suspect I may be guilty of it being slightly more than a hobby – Obsessed? Me? *Strokes Pelt*
    But seriously I agree with everything you said. Why let those who delight in the misery of others get delight from making you miserable? Better to shove it back in their faces by ignoring them. One thing I hate is bullys! The unfollow button is a wonderful and powerful invention

  4. armitagebesotted says:

    I totally agree. More pretty pictures. More happy.

  5. armitagebesotted says:

    Also, a little ignorance helps. I never got into reading the imdb boards, because I can’t figure out how its interface works to open an entire thread at one time (vs. one message at a time which is too tedious for me). So, lack of access = no anxiety. Ha ha ha!

  6. ajdaisy says:

    I absolutely agree with everything that has been said. I’m not a blogger (not cleaver enough lol) but I come everyday to you ladies to get my RA fix, and I certainly steer clear of the imdb board. Comments, pictures, fanfic just heaven. Thank you so much to you all for the hard work you put in.

  7. I couldn’t agree more. I couldn’t have said it better.

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