My Baby Just Wrote Me a Letter

My fellow blogger kelbel75 posted this on her blog Nowhere in Particular some time ago. I reread it today and thought I would share it here because it really made me happy.

Nowhere in Particular RA

When I discovered the lettersRichard Armitage had written to his fan collective, I became very excited!

more excited, less stylish (I was in my pajamas)

These letters reenforced the kind of person I suspected he was already,

while also giving me a peek at some new aspects of his personality I had yet to encounter.

Richard Armitage is sweet and silly.

The majority of the letters are in response to the never ending support the fan base has given Richard through the years, which he is extremely grateful for. The bulk of the content is repeated apologies for not sending individual Thank-Yous for gifts received. Some of the gifts mentioned I found particularly unique, but Richard emphasizes his appreciation for all of them.

“I don’t think any of your gifts are WEIRD, I love them all.”

He often painstakingly highlighted each gift individually, while…

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3 Responses to My Baby Just Wrote Me a Letter

  1. kelbel75 says:

    the Letters always make me happy ❤

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