Richard Armitage in Urban and the Shed Crew

Urban book cover

The book cover

As reported on, Richard Armitage has been cast in the film Urban and the Shed Crew, which is being produced by Blenheim Films. This is a very serious, worthy film for Mr. Armitage to appear in.


Blenheim Films was founded by a very interesting woman, Candida Brady. From

“She founded her film company, Blenheim Films, in 1996, and has produced and directed documentaries on a variety of subjects including a ten year project following a breakthrough treatment for HIV and AIDS.

In 2012 Candida completed her first solo documentary feature film, TRASHED, which follows Academy Award winner Jeremy Irons on a world tour as he discovers the pressing issues surrounding waste and sustainability. The film score for the project was composed and performed by Academy Award winner Vangelis.

She is currently working on her upcoming feature film Urban and The Shed Crew

The book was based on the author’s experiences. Richard Armitage will be portraying the character based on the author in the film. 

urban bernie hare

This is Bernie Hare and some of the crew.

I will leave it to Armitage Agonistes and other RA blogs to dig up all the info on the project, which I am looking forward to seeing. I just wanted to chime in with my excitement for what looks like a challenging, meaningful role for Mr. Armitage. Excellent!! Looking forward to it!



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