Anglophile TV Interviews Richard Armitage

Anglophile hands

Those who are Richard Armitage fans no doubt know about AnglophileTV’s interview with Richard Armitage. Anglophile posted Part I of the interview last night. As expected, it was funny, informative and adorable. Ms. Marlise Boland was the interviewer, the interviewer of whom Richard himself said was the best interviewer he ever had. 😀

Ms. Boland is an actor and producer. She was Ms. California, 1990! No surprise!! She is very beautiful.

After interviewing the equally beautiful Mr. Armitage, I got the feeling that Ms. Boland joined the Armitage Army. She has confirmed that fact on Facebook!

Marlise Boland Yes Marie Astra…I’m a bonafide card-carrying member! LOL!
Welcome, Ms. Boland! We are together in wishing that a wider audience comes to appreciate the wonderfulness of Mr. Richard Armitage! Let us know if you have any ideas. His Army stands ready to help!
RA and Anglophenia


From New York City. Anglophile, theater-goer, love books, music and LIFE.
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