RA Fandom – YAY!

RA Waterstones big smile

To Mr. Richard Armitage:

You are quite blessed to have a wonderful number of fans, or “well-wishers” if you prefer, who think you are just fabulous.

Pretty much anytime one of us has come across you in real life, you have lived up to your “fabulous” reputation. You have been generous with your time. You have made countless of us happy with small indications of attention. I myself was thrilled to get a signed letter from you, even though it was a form letter. It made me HAPPY. Thank you for that.

Sadly, some people get confused and distracted by personal issues. Most of us, though, just are happy to bask in your beautiful presence, be it on film, television, on the street or on the stage. Good on you!

Love and (virtual, but wish it was real) hugs,





From New York City. Anglophile, theater-goer, love books, music and LIFE.
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2 Responses to RA Fandom – YAY!

  1. fedoralady says:

    The vast majority of fans are great folks who simply love RA, his talent, his beauty, his charisma, his intelligence, his sweet humility, his quirky sense of humor–and enjoy celebrating it. 😀

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