Love for MarieAstra

This is such a special Valentine’s Day treat for me! Thank you so much, Angie!! I LOVE IT!!
Happy Valentine’s Day to all!!

And check out Angie’s blog HERE. It’s fabulous!

RAworld Secret Valentine 2014

It was Valentine’s Day morning in the Big Apple. And Marie Astra was about to get a big surprise as delicious as a slice of New York cheesecake . . .

“Wakie wakie, dear girl.” That voice sounded oddly familiar. And much nicer than her alarm clock.

Valentinedayformarieastra.jpgShe opened her eyes and looked up into a sunny, smiling face. A lock of floppy dark hair threatened to fall into his own eyes, a stripe in his cozy-looking jumper matching his peepers’ striking grayish-blue color.
“Harry? H-Harry Kennedy?”

Harry flashed a disarming grin and nodded. “The very same. We are here to wish you the happiest of Saint Valentine’s Days.” He held up a colorful floral tin with a fluffy pink bow tied around it. “My contribution—buttery shortbread biscuits, shaped like hearts. Made them with my very own hands.” Harry waggled his brows along with one set of long, elegant fingers…

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From New York City. Anglophile, theater-goer, love books, music and LIFE.
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5 Responses to Love for MarieAstra

  1. fedoralady says:

    I am so glad you liked it! I wanted to do something a little different and thought it would be nice to bring the Sloth Fiction gang together to celebrate the day with you . . . sorry Thorin was running behind. 😉 Happy Valentine’s Day! ❤ XOXOXOXO

    • Marie Astra says:

      Well, I surely do love it! It’s a very very special treat. xx

      • fedoralady says:

        Well, then, my work here is done. 😀 I told Guylty I had a lot of fun writing it so it was a treat for ME as well. ❤ Hope your day is going well. It's a quiet one out here in the boonies.

      • Marie Astra says:

        I was really worried about how you would fare during that last storm! Scary! It’s quite a mess here. Stuff all melting now. More snow tomorrow though!

      • fedoralady says:

        That was a behemoth of a storm, wasn’t it?? We missed the wintry stuff this time around—just several inches of cold rain and a few thunderstorms that kept me awake during the night. They got hammered again in Birmingham where my sister and most of her family live, but it quickly warmed up enough to melt a lot of it. I’ve seen some beautiful images from it, though. What a winter! Stay safe and warm, Marie!

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