Hugh Jackman and Richard Armitage


bb ra 2

I have accepted the fact that HJ and RA are both obsessions of mine. I really can’t seem to toss HJ out just because I am currently more fascinated by Richard Armitage. For the (fan) record, I don’t research Hugh anymore. I do actively look for info on Armitage. But due to the current high profile of HJ, he keeps turning up here and there. And it always makes me smile.

Recently the news about HJ is that he will host the 2014 Tony Awards. I myself went in person to the 2004 Tony Awards, just to see HJ, who was hosting, and to see him win the Best Actor award! He was so funny and entertaining during the breaks when there were commercials airing. It was a bit more expensive than a Bway theater ticket, but I thought it would be worth it, and it was! I by chance sat next to someone I knew who was also a HJ “Boy From Oz” (Ozalot) fan. We had a great time fangurling over Hugh. It was also exciting to see all the Broadway stars in the orchestra level seating. We were quite….a….bit…upstairs. LOL! Hugh, g-d love him, gave us “Ozalots” a shoutout. He was always appreciative of his fans.

HJ Tonys

I am very happy that he is hosting the Tony Awards this year. He so loves doing that kind of thing. He loves being on talk shows. He really wants to BE a talk show host!

And who could be the antithesis of Hugh Jackman’s casual, charming, small talk repartee self? Well, my current favorite, Richard Armitage. He seems not at all interested in small talk, interviews, hosting awards! He seems to not like much attention. No problem with that! We are all different. It has nothing to do with his acting ability. I truly think RA is a better actor than HJ. RA moves me much more in the roles I’ve seen him perform than Hugh does.  I don’t much like HJ in the movies. I much prefer him on stage.  I am really looking forward to seeing him on stage again this year. (Fingers crossed!)

RA pinter proust kiss

I love Richard Armitage. I think he’s a fabulous actor. I simply cannot get his performance in Pinter/Proust out of my head. I keep seeing his graceful, amazing move from seated to standing during his performance. This is a link to his performance.

Thinking about Richard Armitage, I am hoping that he is considering various projects and hopefully will announce something new soon.

Nose 2

If he is in NYC, I hope he is staying warm and dry. We are having terrible weather here these days!. When I walked past his apartment building yesterday there was a Fresh Direct truck parked in front. It made me think that he might buy his groceries that way. Fresh Direct is a delivery service that delivers groceries that you order online. Lots of NYC people do it. Sadly, there was also road construction going on as well. Smelly asphalt!! Nasty!!

Hope you are all well and safe and dry and warm.



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2 Responses to Hugh Jackman and Richard Armitage

  1. KatharineD says:

    I like to hear nice stories about our Aussie boy, so it’s great he’s getting another big hosting gig- I thought he did a classy job at the Oscars a few years back.

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