The Beatles – First Obsession

beatles ed sullivan

I simply cannot let this week go by without acknowledging the 50th anniversary of the Beatles appearance on the Ed Sullivan Show. The Beatles were the first music group that I remember loving. The Beatles’ records were the first that I had. They were the first true obsession I had. I knew everything about them. I still have some memorabilia that I used to joke about as being my retirement savings. Sadly the stuff I have is what everyone my age has, so it’s not worth very much. Maybe my niece can sell it for something 20 years from now!

beatles pop

I am not an academic, so I cannot attest to or explain the impact the Beatles had on western society. I can only say that in my little world of growing up in Brooklyn, NY, they ruled.

Me and my friends picked a Beatle to imitate. I was George. That’s because my more aggressive friends picked John and Paul, who I really preferred. My friend Diane, who had a large nose, became Ringo by default. We would pretend that plastic badminton rackets were guitars and sing along to the records. Pre-karaoke!  We had so much fun!

I also pretended to be Paul when I was writing letters to my cousin (who lived in what was then distant New Jersey!), who was pretending to be John. We had a blast! She would write me letters (as John) talking about her family, and what a drag it was to have her mom telling her to do homework. LOL! So crazy!!

I know I am outing myself as older than I would like to be, but in all honesty, since this blog is about my obsessions, I can’t pretend The Beatles were anything but an obsession of mine.


I’ve seen this movie countless times. I loved it so much! I memorized everything about it.

Also, somehow, I learned about Tolkien and The Lord of the Rings from the Beatles – maybe in a fan magazine or something?

So my obsessions were and continue to be connected. One leads to another and another. Thankfully! I love my obsessions. They add an extra dimension to my life, which is the normal, humdrum existence that most people experience. Work, family, home, pets, entertainment….And then there’s The Beatles. And Richard Armitage!

RA berlin wow

I also believe that my obsession with all things British began with the Beatles. Before them I had no reason to think about the U.K. After the Beatles, though, I was completely enamoured with the “British Invasion”. Knowing about the different regions of the U.K. I mean, Liverpool isn’t London! This meant that going to London was the first big trip I took as a young adult in college, without my parents. I’ve never looked back since!




From New York City. Anglophile, theater-goer, love books, music and LIFE.
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3 Responses to The Beatles – First Obsession

  1. I love The Beatles! I became a Beatlemaniac when I was 13, after hearing “If I Fell” in Across the Universe (a musical inspired by their music. One of my favorite movies) and then I watched A Hard Day’s Night. That movie was too funny and awesome. I wish I had friends like yours, since I’m probably the teenager who loves The Beatles in our college and there’s no one who would pretend to be The Fab Four and sing along to the records with me *sighs* But if that happened, I guess I could become Paul!

    And what you wrote about obsessions – so true! 😀

    • Marie Astra says:

      LOL! At the time, I think I really wanted to be Paul, too. It wasn’t bad being George, though! But I think I would really have liked to be John. I admire John Lennon the most now. I was devastated when he was killed. When that happened I actually went to the apartment house the next day and stood outside the Dakota apartment house with hundreds of people. It was so sad. 😦

  2. I’m laughing because I never loved anyone more than Ringo! Because of him I wanted to be a drummer. Folks poo pooed that request! Don’t downplay your memorabilia. Orcrist and I were discussing something in a collection he has last night, that he found in a junk store for $3. One in worse shape than his sold last night on EBay for $165. He has 4 of them. Never under estimate the power you have over someone who wants to spend their money on something you have they don’t….. LOL

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