What Is “Normal” For A Fan?

RA Armitage Agonistes

Armitage Agonistes blogged about a review of the Pinter/Proust production HERE.  She included the picture above, which was posted by Peter Clements, who played Marcel in the production. It shows Richard Armitage in conversation with the director of the production, Di Trevis, and Annabel Capper standing with her back to the camera.

I looked at this blog post this morning and couldn’t get the picture out of my mind. I had Saturday chores to do, so I didn’t spend a  lot of time online, but got myself out the door to get started. At some point while I was driving I realized that I had been thinking for a long time not about the chores I had before me, but rather on the relationship of Richard Armitage and Annabel Capper, inspired by this picture. And I thought to myself, Is this normal? Why am I spending so much time thinking about an actor and his personal interactions with others? Am I avoiding thinking about my own problems instead? Is he more interesting to me than I am to myself?? Why do my thoughts turn so often to wondering what Richard Armitage is doing, or where he is (like is he in LA to go to the Grammys?) , or thinking about what I would do if I ran into him in the street…Yikes!

But I guess it’s far more interesting to ponder how long Richard and Annabel have been friends, how much I liked what I saw of her, wondering why their relationship didn’t work out, wondering what her personal situation is now, whether she resents the *fame* that RA has achieved, wondering if he had other girlfriends or boyfriends that we don’t now about, and how hard it is to maintain a relationship when you are a busy actor….NONE of which is any of my business as regards the man. Still my thoughts went on and on…

Now, I’m not saying that RA is the ONLY thing I think about. I think I’m pretty normal when I wake up in the middle of the night and EVERY F*ING PROBLEM I have plays on a continuous loop in my head! <sigh> Why can’t I think about Richard Armitage then? Sadly, it doesn’t happen. But during the day I do find myself thinking about him quite often. Very mundane thoughts. Not fantasies. I’m just wildly interested in what he might be thinking or doing.

Is this normal? I don’t remember doing this with Hugh Jackman. Maybe I’ve forgotten. I have obsessed about books and movies and certainly it seems “normal”, or “okay” to think about fictional characters and why they did or didn’t do something. So why do I feel vaguely guilty about thinking about a real person? Probably because of the sentence about about none of my business! But, maybe it’s really okay because he is a fictional character to me? I guess that might be okay. Hey, I feel better now. 😀 What do you think?

Pinter Proust MyKdsRllyEatThs

Pinter/Proust cast picture posted on Confessions of a Watcher with thanks to MyKdsRllyEatThs.



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15 Responses to What Is “Normal” For A Fan?

  1. kelbel75 says:

    perfectly normal 😉 some “crushes” I’ve had I think about more than others, and what kinds of things I think in relation to them, but I do this with everyone: celebrity and non-celebrity alike. I’m a people watcher, and when you watch people, they often stay with you afterwards. now I don’t wonder about my neighbors or the cashier at the grocery store to the level I do Richard (*that* would not be normal 😯 ) but I think it’s human nature to wonder 🙂

    • Marie Astra says:

      Good point! Although I don’t usually think much about people who are non-celebrities, in all honesty. Unless they did something to me, then I might think about why they did it! 😀

      • kelbel75 says:

        I don’t think about non-celebrities all that much anymore either, but when I was younger I wondered about everyone I observed. I think that may be b/c I grew up in a very small town, so when I started “living” a bit and being exposed to other ways of life, I became overly curious about everything & everyone 😀

      • Marie Astra says:

        LOL! When you like in NYC, even Brooklyn, where I grew up, you couldn’t help thinking about everyone. Esp when a kid. Why is that man sleeping outside his door? Why does that lady shoo everyone from her property?

      • kelbel75 says:

        oh! do you have a Brooklyn accent? and now I’m wondering about *you* 😉

    • guylty says:

      Same here. My RL crushes occupy me in the same way as the unreal RA crush. If I examine it really closely, I find it is much more about myself than them – it’s a negotiation between myself and a fictionalised other. Most of the time it’s like a worst-case-scenario sort of thing: I am wondering how I would deal with a particular situation involving me and another. “What would I say if I bumped into him here?” “How would I have him pose if I had him in front of my camera?” “How do I indicate I want to talk with him?” – Some of it is about available time, though – if I have little to do, the mind wanders. Note to self: Must occupy myself more!) So: I think it is fairly normal to find yourself with a wandering mind. You’re just developing strategies and learning about yourself.

      • Marie Astra says:

        It’s just that I became aware of it today and thought how weird it was that I was spending so much time thinking. No harm! I was just driving to do my chores, not that it prevented me from doing anything. Just made me wonder.

  2. AgzyM says:

    I think everything is within “the norm” as long as you don’t attach guilt to your fangirling activities. I find that there are some places I go to in order to release the stress of the day. Sure, I could go jogging to do that, but I much prefer to sit around with you lot obsessing about Richard 😉

  3. I could relate to your post. It annoys me at times regarding how much I think about him, especially when I know I’m supposed to be studying 😛 But that’s okay. All these things come with being a fangirl, right?! 🙂

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  5. lisa gelinas says:

    I’ll just go ahead and say it…I am completely obsessed with Richard Armitage. There. And the latest interview he did certainly did not help the cause. He’s a brilliant actor, funny, seems to be very kind and gorgeous. What is a girl supposed to do???

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