Why Marie is Sad


Richard Armitage is the glowing man first on the left.

I didn’t meet Richard Armitage after the show. It is unbelieveable to me, and I feel like I need to explain to my fellow RAddicts, who I know will understand the intensity of my sadness.

I went to the Pinter/Proust program at the 92nd St. Y last night. I took my dear friend. A short time ago she was diagnosed with breast cancer, and a couple of weeks ago had a big surgery. She told me it was okay to tell you. So yesterday was supposed to be a really nice night out for her. We went to dinner before the show, picked up the tickets and went to our seats. Saw the play. At intermission, my friend expressed that she was very tired, but she wanted to stay through the end. So we did. At the end of the play (see picture above!) she said she really needed to get home. So I took her home (I had a car). My RA friends that I saw in the lobby as we were leaving begged me to stay to meet Richard, but I couldn’t.

I had no idea the meet and greet would be as fabulous as it seems to have been, but nevertheless, it was a wrench for me to leave.

Reading the reports of the after show events has literally made me cry. I wanted so much to meet him. I wrote about it HERE and HERE.

But I think I made the right decision to take care of my friend. I think it’s the choice Richard Armitage would have made. Helping a friend is more important than selfishly enjoying a once in a lifetime opportunity, right? Waaah!  I’ll be okay. Just not right now. Okay?



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46 Responses to Why Marie is Sad

  1. micra1 says:

    Richard would be extremely proud of you. He would find any other behavior unacceptable.

  2. guylty says:

    I don’t think there is anything better you could’ve done! To your credit!!! You will be rewarded for being a good friend, one way or another. And remember – you *did* see him act, that must have been amazing, too. Best wishes to your friend.

  3. Bollyknickers says:

    You did the right thing Maria. You are a good friend and a decent person. Micra is right- you behaved in a way that would make RA proud. I’m a great believer in karma- your kindness will come back to you ten fold one day. Sending you a big hug – I can understand your disappointment and if there is one person in this world who I really want to meet RA now, it is you.

  4. KatharineD says:

    Marie, I’m really sorry you missed that opportunity- that’s a real shame, and I feel for you. I know you’re feeling pretty down about it at the moment, but you definitely did the right thing, as you already know in your heart. Hope you really enjoyed the play.

    • Marie Astra says:

      Thanks, Katherine. Yes, I know I did the right thing. I wouldn’t do it differently. The play itself was strange. Enjoyed staring at RA, although he was in the back of the stage sitting in the dark for about 90% of the time!!

  5. Perry says:

    Marie, I am so sorry for how things worked for you last night because you did not meet Richard. But in your shoes, it couldn’t be avoided.And Micra is right – it is what Richard Armitage would expect and what he would do himself. He told as much in his message.

  6. obscura says:

    If it’s OK with you Marie, I’d like to count this as a kindness for Share the Love…I’m sure you did it without hesitation despite really wanting to meet RA. I agree with Bollyknickers that sending out positive energy reaps it’s own rewards…who knows, you might get a personal “meet and greet” at a Starbucks or something random like that. 😉 ((Hugs)). PS…sending healing energy for your friend.

  7. MaryJaneZigZag says:

    You are a good friend. The Universe will square up with you. 🙂 I’m really glad you got to see the show! Big hugs!

  8. I’m so sorry you didn’t get to meet Richard, but like everyone else has said before me, Richard would have done the same, and you did the right thing to follow your heart. Sending you lots of hugs!

  9. Christine says:

    Oh, sweetie. Love you. Of course, you’re sad!! And of course, you did the right thing. You are an awesome and wonderful and beautiful and splendid and squeetastic and huggable delicious person and I just wish I were right there right now to give you a big squishy hug. And we could cry and laugh a little together, because I seem to be crying a lot right now too and not quite sure why all the time, and we could laugh about it and then we could have CHOCOLATE and watch Robin Hood and stop and talk about how delicious THOSE FREAKING RICHARD FREAKING ARMITAGE LEATHER FREAKING TROUSERS are or something. Lots of love, sweets. xoxoxo
    From Your Fellow Watering Pot

    • Marie Astra says:

      Oh, Christine, you made me cry again! But in a good way! It’s so great to have people who understand. And OMG in the second half of the play he took his jacket off so you could see his umm full silhouette! :sigh:

      • Christine says:

        ummmmmmmm:sigh: indeed!!! Oh my dear. Oh my very very dear.

        I’m dying!

      • armitagebesotted says:

        I won’t name names, but I was sitting next to a fellow fangirl who whipped out her opera glasses for a good look when the jacket came off and the lighting fell just so on the man playing a new character which required turning his back toward stage front. Yup, that light fell right on you-know-what.

  10. Baby, you are a good friend and that is a huge deal. I sincerely believe there will be another opportunity for you. I truly hope you have no regrets and that you can just focus on the memories of the wonderful time you had with your friend and the entire experience with Richard and the play. Again, I really believe in my heart that the time will come again.

  11. Servetus says:

    Just hugs. That’s all.

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  13. Marie, you did a great deed, but I would be crying too. As a matter of fact it would be six months before I stopped crying. Next time don’t take anyone with you.

    I am kind of upset that even though I live in NY, I am not close enough to have made the trip down to NYC to see this production.

    • Marie Astra says:

      This should teach me a lesson about mixing fangirling and friendship, right! LOL! Stick with the fangirl friends for those events. Except that my friend that I took is one I usually do fangirling with. I thought it was a good idea. And it was! Oh well. Anyway, if RA is ever in a longer running stage production in NYC, no excuses! You must come down! 😀

  14. richardiana says:

    Oh, I feel for you. You already know you did the right thing, but you are also entitled to feel the way you do – and it’s a good thing you said it out loud. Best wishes to your friend, and I hope you get your next chance soon. /And hey – you saw him perform live! There are lots of jealous fans on the east side of the pond.. :D/

  15. fedoralady says:

    You got to see the wonderful Richard Armitage perform live on stage, which is far more than most of us will ever get to do (for all you fans across the pond in the UK, remember this is a big country and a lot of us don’t live close to NY or LA). You *still* have a greater change of actually meeting him than many of us do due to sheer logistics and the fact his US base is in NYC. Consider those facts. You did the right thing for a friend in need. Yes, RA would heartily approve. Are you still disappointed and sad? Of course, you are human. *hugs* All the best to your friend, too. 😀

    • Marie Astra says:

      Thanks so much, Angie!! Please believe me that I am really grateful for the fact that I got to see him live on stage!! I really really am! I am still sad that I missed out on the really really unique opportunity that the fans had after the show. So many got to talk to him, take pics with him, etc. A really unique, not on the red carpet, opportunity to interact. So I’m sad. Oh well, I’m over it. I am focussing on the fact that I am so lucky I saw him onstage. And Angie, anything you imagine, he is more. Totally, perfect. Voice, presence, gracefulness, hands. Perfect. I know you will understand. If I never meet him oh well, I have that experience. Although, hope to have more! Hope hope hope he does more theater!!! 😀

      • fedoralady says:

        Oh, I do believe you. It’s probably just now all soaking in properly. “He IS real and truly gorgeous and wonderful and I saw him and heard him!”

        I am thinking that just maybe this will lead to more theatre . . . after all, several of his TH fellow cast members have been treading the boards. IF I had enough advance notice (and knocked off a bank or two LOL) I *might* be able to visit the Big Apple and enjoy such an experience. The movie premieres, seeing as how they’ve gone here in the US, hold much less appeal for me nowadays. I don’t think my health would let me camp out in front of a theatre for hours and hours . . . :-/ As if is just hanging on by my fingernails in RL.

      • Marie Astra says:

        Oh, Angie! I hear you! RL sucks some times. Still what an experience to see that gorgeous man in person. I had a dopey smile on face throughout the whole play! I just was enjoying staring at him. I wish that you will be able to have that experience some day. You of all people!! Keep hope alive!! 😀

  16. linnetmoss says:

    When you miss out on something like that, it’s normal to mourn for the lost opportunity. I’m sure your friend feels terrible that she was the cause of your missing it! But still, you are a lucky (and kind) person 😉

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