The Richard Armitage Board

There appears to be a website called The Richard Armitage Board which is in German, but the entries are in English. This link will take you there. It is a compilation of quotes from the people who have worked with Richard Armitage from his earliest days to Peter Jackson.

If you’re a fan, I don’t have to tell you that ALL the quotes praise Mr. Armitage for his many fine qualities. Humor, humility, gentlemanliness, pleasant to work with, hardworking, handsome, you name it!! He’s the BEST!! LOVE this web page. Great job!

RA Waterstones big smile




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9 Responses to The Richard Armitage Board

  1. Teuchter says:

    Thank you so very much for the link! I actually have a notebook in which I have written most of these quotes but I have some catching up to do with the latest ones from Sir Peter, Philippa and Aidan!! Yes, as Philippa said, “he really is that nice of a guy”, but isn’t it a treat to read what they all had to say and find it all in one spot too! Thank you again!

  2. guylty says:

    Thanks for digging that up, Marie. I had read most of those quotes before, reading but all of them in one go – jeeps, my heart is overflowing. With so many people agreeing on the main characteristics here – gentle, professional, shy, funny, generous, helpful – I suppose we can believe them. It’s very nice to know that he is as [insert compliment of your choice] as we believe him to be.

    • Marie Astra says:

      YES!! That was my exact reaction, guylty!! I have read these comments, at least some of them, before, but reading them all on one website is very powerful!! Love him!!! (As I’ve said before! :D)

  3. MaryJaneZigZag says:

    Always so nice to see our impressions confirmed from people who’ve worked with RA. I hadn’t seen most of these quotes before so it was pretty cool to read them! (‘Sparkly sequined outfits’?!?! Where are the photos???! *grin*) Thanks for finding & sharing the message board!

  4. This is really, really great. Thank you so much for this! (I have a post pending…I am going to have to borrow one of those quotes!)

  5. Thanks for the link Marie! This made my day, seriously. It feels so good reading such good things his colleagues have to say about him and thinking “We’re not the only ones”:P
    Thanks again! 🙂

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