Who’s a Sex Symbol??

I just read an interview with Michael Fassbender questioning why he is considered a “sex symbol”.  The article is here. He implies that he is considered a sex symbol because he has a penis. Really?


To me, someone who is a “sex symbol” is someone who attracts attention not just because he has a penis, or she has boobs and a vagina. There is so much more to being massively perceived as attractive! In my opinion.

OK, I’m certainly not an expert on what attracts heterosexual males to women. Maybe all they need is a pretty face and big boobs. But as an heterosexual female, it takes more than the possession of a penis to attract me to a man!!

  1. fassbender laughing

I find Michael Fassbinder attractive not just for his physical attributes, but for his talent as an actor. If he wasn’t capable of portraying different characters with such deep intensity I’m sure I wouldn’t care about him one way or another.

The same goes for my current obsession, Richard Armitage. If he wasn’t an intense actor and a lovely, caring person and a Tolkien geek and a dork (:D) I don’t think I would be as obsessed with him as I am. I think that he’s attractive, but the fact that he has a penis isn’t the main event.

RA waterstones smiling

So why do men seem to fight the description of “sex symbol”? Richard Armitage is on record for laughing at the idea as hysterical. In an interview he implies that he is so far from being a sexual god that it is a hysterical thought. Well, honey, guess what. Being considered a  sex symbol has NOTHING to do with your personal sexual activity or capabilities!! LOL!!

Men are attractive to women because they project an image that is not only physically attractive but are  either warm and caring or (to some) intensely dominant and sexual. Or both. 😀

Richard Armitage, to me, projects both a physically attractive image, but also a personality that is warm and caring, intelligent and serious, and funny and self-deprecating. He also is a talented actor. In spades!! To me, he’s an extra-specially attractive man. Did I mention anything about his sexual preferences or his personal relationships? NO! They have nothing to do with his attraction as a person, as an actor, or as celebrity. Just saying.

I am really tired of male celebrities denying their status as “sex symbols”. Be happy! Say Thank You! There’s nothing to be embarrassed about!! We love men who are sexy. There aren’t enough of them around. 😀

Michael Fassbender, Richard Armitage, Tom Hiddleston, Benedict Cumberbatch, WAKE UP! We love you all! You bring a respite to our ordinary, humdrum lives. We love looking at pictures of you and reading about your exploits, interviews, and new projects. Congratulations! You are SEX SYMBOLS!! 😀



From New York City. Anglophile, theater-goer, love books, music and LIFE.
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7 Responses to Who’s a Sex Symbol??

  1. I’m quite liking Fassbender, and not just because of his penis. But he’s a mighty fine looking man with such sex appeal that I can’t even put into words because it makes my lady parts tingle and that’s enough of a statement for me LOL.

    But I also like a humble man, so I don’t mind if he and Richard deny the sex god thing 🙂

    I’d much rather see a man who is a sex god but doesn’t quite put it out like that, rather than someone who believes he’s such a sex god, but actually isn’t LOL

  2. Bollyknickers says:

    I remember seeing an interview with another actor ( Martin Shaw, who has been a bit of a sex symbol amongst older ladies since the 1970’s and acted with RA in George Gently ) in which he was asked about sex appeal and he seemed genuinely perplexed and said he didn’t know what made him appear ‘sexy’ because he certainly couldn’t see it and didn’t think he was in his everyday life. So RA is not alone.

    I think it might be a lot to do with introversion. Extraverts see themselves in relation to external stimuli- in other words, they need the validation of an outside force – but with an introvert it comes from inside. So an introvert might dismiss others’ reactions to their physicality as not being ‘real’ – they look inside themselves and find an incongruity between the person the public think they are and the their internal view of themselves, which is uncomfortable for them. At the same time, though, I think this is part of the charisma of someone like RA- the apparently genuine modesty is something we mere mortals like him for. Introverts also get that beauty is only skin deep and whilst we respond to his attractiveness, we relate to his insecurity and love him for his acknowledgement that what is inside is what counts.

  3. utepirat says:

    Great post… Yes, if we are reducing it to gender attributes the whole mankind is a sex symbol, and me, too 🙂

    As you pointed it out, be happy, thankful and proud to be called a “sex symbol” though RA was often described as “reluctant” sex symbol in press. What does that mean? Some kind of British understatement?

    On the other hand, I like this understatement more than e.g. Robin Thicke in his video “Blurred Lines” (Robin Thick has a big d***, hahaha).

    Maybe this understatement (I´m, sure they´re totally aware of their sexiness) is reason why we see them in this way, not forget their extraordinary skills as actors, their charisma and modestly appearance – especially RA as we like to see him – .

    I apologise, I´ve never used so many “sex-words” in a comment before 🙂

  4. Perry says:

    i think one reason actors like Richard Armitage and Michael Fassbender make lighter of the sex-symbol, hunk, heart-throb label is that they are serious actors who want to be recognized for their talent. I think Fassbender acknowledged some of this when he said in the article that being considered a pin-up isn’t good for his head. And it reminds me of the quote Richard Armitage used in an interview ( was it Click on Line again – I’m not sure, but I posted about it) – when he said that he left musical theater because for him it was just tits and teeth. So, I guess overall, I agree with Utepirate.

    • utepirat says:

      hihi, *lol* about the name “Utepirate”, in German it´s “utepirat”, When I chose the name more than 14 years ago it was just in memory and reminiscence of our beloved male cat Pirat, that died just before we got Internet-connection.
      Yes, and maybe they ( I like Fassbender too) refuse to be only acknowleged as sexsymbols more than respectable actors.
      BTW I wouldn´t mind regarded as being a “lifegod” like Ramona says in “Cold Feet” about Lee (I got the whole TV-series a couple of days ago, Bofur (James Nesbitt) and Ros (Hermione Norris) are great).
      Sorry for being a bit silly and loosing the thread.

      • Perry says:

        I don’t remember the term “lifegod” from Cold Feet.( oh, I get it!) But you made me think of “life force” and that got me thinking about penises, and now I’ve lost the thread, too.

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