Philippa Boyens on Richard Armitage – a powerful actor -fantastic range – and more

This interview with Philippa Boyens answers the question I’ve raised about RA and his influence on how Thorin is portrayed in DOS. She thinks he adds just that bit that makes it spectacular. Go, RA!!!!

Armitage Agonistes

I recommend this very detailed interview of Phillipa Boyens conducted by Warner Brothers Canada. She discusses directorial decisions, plot issues and casting decisions, as well Middle Earth history.  Below are her comments about Richard Armitage. And thanks to Micra for bringing it to my attention.

QUESTION: What did Richard Armitage bring to the character of Thorin that surprised you?

PHILIPPA BOYENS: Richard is an incredible actor. Every day he gives you something new. You can write a line, and he can transform it and take it far beyond what you thought it was going to be. He worked really hard to get to the heart of his character, to understand what motivates Thorin and how he feels. I think he achieves it beautifully.

One of the moments that stands out for me, and one of the choices he made, was when Thorin finally enters The Lonely Mountain—the way he…

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