Another Christmas


My favorite Christmas cartoon!

I love Mr. Magoo’s Christmas Carol. I love the music. But the part that always made a big impression on me was the contrast between the kind of boss Scrooge was compared to his memory of his favorite employer, Mr. Fezziwig. I guess it was significant that I was interested in employment issues at an early age, since I later became a union organizer and labor relations professional!


Norma Rae! My hero!

I’ve been reading all the blogs about families spending time together, watching movies with the kids, dealing with the in-laws, Christmas morning with the kids, all the family traditions. It’s been many years since my family has had children to celebrate Christmas with. Without kids Christmas is just another holiday. I had to cook this year and it was EXHAUSTING. I am very fortunate because I love my family. There’s no drama, no whining and backstabbing. We all live and let live. Not exciting, but I’m grateful for them.

So for me, without a family of my own, my Christmas is about taking care of my family and, since I’m a career gal, taking care of my workers. This was a good year! I try very hard to think of gifts that will make my peeps happy, and I think I did well this year! I did go a little heavy with the Hobbit/LOTR presents for my family, but they like that stuff so they were happy. I had the most fun putting together a basket of international food items for my cousin. For my staff I got them special coffee mugs from I had them personalized with a message from me to the staff. They loved them!! Some are using them in the office and some are bringing them home to use. I bought little presents for all their kids. They were so happy! I spent very little money for them, which really made me think about Mr. Fezziwig.  Scrooge and his friend comment on how much just a little generosity from a boss can mean to the employees.


Mr. and Mrs. Fezziwig dancing at the annual Christmas party.

I always had this lesson imprinted on my brain. I always believed that employers owe a little generosity to their employees from time to time. We spend so much time at work with our co-workers. Working in a stressful, unpleasant environment can take a terrible toll on a person.

So three cheers for Mr. Fezziwig! Three cheers for the reformed Mr. Scrooge! Three cheers for all of us managing our way through another Christmas, whether we celebrate it or not! And most of all, three cheers for all my readers and friends in Armitageworld!! Merry Christmas to all, and to all, a good night.



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5 Responses to Another Christmas

  1. Merry Christmas to you, Marie!

  2. Servetus says:

    Happy holidays! My nieces made out like bandits this year because I think everyone in their lives was worried they’d be neglected. It really is for children.

  3. kelbel75 says:

    three cheers for you, Marie! for being such a great boss, such a caring family member, and an all around good person; I’m very glad I know you 😀
    but if you feel like you’re missing out on the drama, just give me a week (I go to visit my extended family for New Year’s) and I’ll have plenty to share with you 😛
    btw, “Mr.Magoo” was always my brother’s fav. Christmas cartoon too 😉

  4. No drama with my family here either. Being single, I spend the holidays with my mother and our friends.

    Mr. Magoo’s A Christmas Carol was a childhood favorite of mine, for sure. I’ve always wanted a Fezziwig for a boss, but have never lucked out. I’m happy to know that someone like you is looking out for the labor forces who have such representation, and your support staff who do the same! Merry Christmas, Marie!

  5. guylty says:

    Happy Christmas, Marie! Completely agree – Xmas is a great opportunity for the employers to show their appreciation of their staff. It’s an investment that really pays off. It’s a bit like a Xmas message from a certain someone – it’s gonna keep us happy for quite a while…

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