Bruce Springsteen! (And Sting!)

BS early 1

A HUGE obsession of mine is Bruce Sprinsteen! I am watching the HBO program Bruce Springsteen and I.  While watching fans expressing their experiences of Bruce I realized I had to post something about my obsession with him.

Back in the ’70s I remember watching Johnny Carson showing a clip of a concert by Springsteen. I was amazed at the energy in his performance! I became a Springsteen FAN!!

A friend of mine was in the first row of a concert and was brought up on stage by Bruce!! Wow! I can’t imagine the energy you would get from that experience!!


I did get to see Bruce Sprinsteen live twice when he was promoting his NYC album in honor of 9/11, The Rising. I saw him in what was then called Giants Stadium in NJ. Then I saw him in Shea Stadium, which no longer exists.  They were the best concerts I ever experienced. We ( I went with friends) experienced the force of Mr. Springsteen and his band, which boomed out over the huge venues!! He is magic!! If you want to see Bruce live, go watch There is LOTS of Bruce to see!!

I had seen Bruce before, when I was at a Sting concert at Madison Square Garden and Bruce joined in. This was in 1988, when Sting was promoting his Nothing Like The Sun album, and was part of the Human Rights Now tour that was being promoted by Amnesty International. It was pretty amazing when Bruce Springsteen joined Sting onstage!

BS and BS

I haven’t been as big a fan of Springsteen or Sting lately. I love them as part of my past, but I haven’t followed them obsessively since back in the ’90’s. I did go to see Sting at Central Park. I made sure my staff got me free tickets, which were being given out at a subway station near where we worked!! We took turns standing outside on line to get the tickets!! It was definitely worth it!! Sting rocked!!

I have all of Bruce Springsteen’s albums, but I am not an obsessive fan of his as I am with Richard Armitage, but nevertheless, I was an obsessive Bruce fan for many, many years. My favorite album is The Rising. I have listened to it over and over. It is my memory of 9/11. I love Bruce’s other works intensively, but The Rising is the album I go to when I want to listen to Bruce.



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4 Responses to Bruce Springsteen! (And Sting!)

  1. Kathie says:

    Wolfgang’s Vault has the audio from an Amnesty concert given in Argentina in 1986 where Springsteen performs in Sting’s set and Sting in Springsteen’s.

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