Thoughts on Recent Richard Armitage Appearances

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Richard Armitage feels bad that there wasn’t any PR events in L.A. for the first Hobbit movie.

Awww. We feel bad for L.A., too. But now that the WORLD PREMIERE of The Hobbit: Desolation of Smaug has taken place in Los Angeles, we don’t have to feel sorry for them any more! Glad for all the fans who got to see the actors or whoever they wanted to see who was part of the movie.

Meanwhile, we also got to see some of the cast and Peter Jackson at the opening of The Book of New Zealand, which was a promotional event sponsored by the Tourism New Zealand. They have been shamelessly using the Hobbit cast to promote tourism in New Zealand. No problem with that! I guess it works for both the movie and the country! Such unbelievably gorgeous scenery! Who wouldn’t be lost for words looking at it?

Then there was the Google+ event. Peter Jackson, Evangeline Lilly, and Richard Armitage chatted for about 1/2 hour with the Fandango host and a few chosen fans. Everything very tightly controlled. No opportunity for fans to be spontaneous. Just a few Q&A’s.

And THEN, there was the Waterstone’s event! Richard Armitage and Luke Evans talked to fans and signed books – the Hobbit Desolation of Smaug Visual Companion. My twitter friend Valentina had a front row seat, and she managed, somehow, to take videos of the event.

Next up is the Berlin premiere on Monday. Here’s hoping it’s more exciting than the L.A. one was. I was disappointed because it seemed so perfunctory and tightly controlled. Not a good World Premiere, in my opinion. Still, for those who got to see the cast going into the theater, very exciting, I’m sure!!

I’ve been feeling kind of, well, detached. I am definitely looking forward to seeing the film, hopefully on Friday. I’m sad that there doesn’t seem to be much publicity at all here in the NYC area. Weird, in my opinion. Happy for my friends in Europe, though, who will be seeing Richard Armitage at the premieres in Berlin and Madrid! Hope you all have a great time!!

Other thoughts: Love the sweater, jumper or whatever you call what Richard Armitage is wearing seemingly every day lately.

RA sweater

It is definitely a flattering addition to his wardrobe!

Other thoughts: Am surprisingly missing Lee Pace in the publicity for the film! I don’t really like him all that much, but it seems like a big piece of the film is missing by not hearing from him. I love Evangeline Lilly, and am so happy for her and her involvement in the film. Got to love a fellow LOTR geek! 😀  And on that note, hearing that Mr. Armitage put elven ears on for a viewing of one of the LOTR films? LOVE IT!! Explains why he is SO enthusiastic about fans who cosplay and who make fan art for him. Not my thing, but I love him for it!

Right now, not feeling my usual obsession. Maybe it’s the terrible cold I have right now that’s taking my attention. Bloody sinuses. Literally. Feh.

Hope you all are doing well, feeling well, and not being overwhelmed by holiday preparations!





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5 Responses to Thoughts on Recent Richard Armitage Appearances

  1. Perry says:

    Yuk. Did you mean *Bloody* sinuses or bloody sinuses? There’s plenty of advertising for the film here in NY. It’s everywhere – NY based cast were on talk shows. But with everything happened in LA – what could they really do here? I’m missing Lee Pace also,I know next to nothing about him and thought this all would be a chance to learn more. I’m enjoying Benedict Cumberbatch in everything I watch. Based on the preparations, I think Berlin is going to be what we were expecting for LA. Hope so, anyway.

  2. Feel better! Bloody sinuses in both senses of the word can be frustrating.

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