What Marie Saw – Hobbit Fan Event in NYC

Where to begin?? What an amazing day it was! I got to the theater line at 12:00. Met Kellyduck and DeeJay. They’d been there since 11:00 and were freezing! So was I after an hour. Brrr. We were very near the front of the line. I was waiting for Julie who is one of the people who runs Richard Armitage Central. She had my ticket. Kelly was waiting for AwkwardCelebrityEncounters. Kelly had her ticket. I was hoping to meet up with Perry, but I guess she had other plans. I also was looking forward to meeting up with Ms.Gigglepants and NancyJonsson. Eventually we were all there except for AwkwardCelebrityEncounters who had to work. By three o’clock they had moved those of us who had won (or were guests of those who won) tickets from TORn that said “Front of the Line”. They moved us to well, the front of the line! We were right outside the front doors to the theater. Finally, AwkwardCelebrityEncounters arrived! Along with another member of the Army, armitagebesotted. We were all there. What fun we had telling our fan stories! Also whining and complaining about how cold it was. And how hot Richard Armitage is! Well, the Warner Bros. publicity people took videos of us yelling and screaming our excitement. They asked us if we had questions for Richard Armitage. They gave us wristbands. And we went inside to wait by the metal detectors. A very nice Warner Bros. representative talked to us for a while. More PR people came and took pictures of us waiting outside the metal detectors. We had to sign waivers in case they want to use our images in their advertising. Then we went in! Past the metal detectors and up the escalator. We were put in a line on the side outside the entrance to the theater. There were large The Hobbit: Desolation of Smaug posters up around. They gave us commemorative tee shirts while we waited. As we waited – woops who did we spy but Richard Armitage walking behind the posters into the theater! Then we saw Orlando Bloom. (I didn’t really see them because the poster blocked my sight.) We got EXTREMELY excited!!

Photo1 (2)Kelly shows off the Hobbit Event shirt.

Finally we were let into the theater. We were so far up front of the line that we headed straight for the front of the theater and sat ourselves in the second row right in front of the chairs set up for the “artists”.

Photo1 (1)The chairs with Anderson Cooper pointing to them.

In just a few minutes, RICHARD ARMITAGE would be sitting in front of us in one of those chairs!! As Anderson Cooper came in we looked around – there was Richard in the doorway at the entrance to the theater, right behind Orlando Bloom. OMG! He looked amazing. Saw that profile and almost fainted.

Then Orlando Bloom was introduced. He walked up and took the chair closest to the audience. Richard came in and took the second chair. As you’ve seen, he was wearing jeans, a pullover shirt and a beautiful (looked like suede to me* Footnote in other pics can see it’s not it’s leather) jacket. Looked like blue to me boots with contrasting color sole. stubble, longer hair, but trimmed looking, not unruly.

There he was – Richard Armitage, right in front of me! I took terrible pictures. I was stunned. He looked so different from the pictures. Yes, the same, but different. So slender! Still, so handsome. Really, really handsome. It was a strange feeling.

Photo1 (3)Richard gets miked up.

Staring at Richard. Staring at Richard. He isn’t looking at the audience. Orlando Bloom is though! He is very interested in the audience! Occasionally Richard looks around.

The program begins. There were monitors in the front of the first row where Orlando, Richard, and Anderson Cooper could watch the satellite feed. I tried to take pictures of Richard, but they came out terrible mostly.

 Photo1 (5)Orlando and Richard enjoy the show.

Blah blah London, Los Angeles, Wellington. I’m staring at Richard as much as I can. Orlando is bored and looking around. I feel like telling him – I’m not looking at you – I’m looking at Richard! But it is hard to keep staring at Richard when you are so close. It feels intrusive and rude. So I try to look out the corner of my eyes. A couple of times I almost catch his eye. He is very shy, not like Orlando! While RA watches the monitors he swallows, he picks at his cuticles. I stare at his hands. If you see my pictures you can see that my direct viewpoint was directed, well, to his left leg. Inner thigh, actually. I can’t help it – that was my sightline!

Photo1 (6)Hands and thigh.

When Richard answered his question and his face was up on the huge screen I looked up and thought – there’s Richard! He looked like himself up on the screen! That’s the Richard I am familiar with. How can he look so different?

How weird to look at him and think about all the pictures I’ve seen of him, how many interviews. And there he was right before me, performing all those familiar gestures, raising his eyebrows, swallowing often, playing with his fingers. I couldn’t stop smiling. I sat there beaming like a smiling fool. I was so happy to see him.

Photo1 (8)Richard plays with his fingers.

The questions to the cast were hilarious. Evangeline Lilly acting like a girl. Lee Pace showing off. Orlando showing off. Anderson Cooper taking off his shoe and sock in solidarity with PJ! Shouts of “Take it all off”. “Only in New York”, says Orlando. When Jed Brophy, in response to PJ talking about how torturous it was for the actors to put on the prosthetics, says “I’d do it again in a minute” (or something like that) Richard leans over to Orlando and says “I wouldn’t”. LOL!!

When the film footage is about to roll, up gets Orlando and Richard and just leave. Nothing said. No thank you’s or good byes. Just up and leave. Richard goes over to Anderson Cooper before he leaves and grabs Anderson’s hand with both of his and thanks him. Then he’s leaving. We say “good bye Richard” and he’s gone. So so sad.

But then – the footage from The Desolation of Smaug. OMG! It is breathtaking. Simply outstanding. Wow. I cannot wait until the movie opens. Peter Jackson is more than a genius. Whatever that is, he’s it.

After the footage is over nothing happens. We sit there. No one says anything. I guess we should just go? Weird. Feels like there’s no closure. Anyway we get up to go. On our way out we pass an area set aside for press to interview RA and OB. They let me take a picture.

Photo1 (10)

Armitage being interviewed. Tried to get a better rear shot. Sorry!

Then we left. They gave us posters and some of us got An Unexpected Journey behind the scenes books. I already have it, so I gave mine to a young woman who was SO grateful. Made me happy. We thought we would stand around to see if RA came out. But a very nice WB lady came around and told us that he was gone, so we all left.

Thank you, thank you, thank you to Kellyduck, Ms. Gigglepants, NancyJonnson, armitagebesotted, Deejay, AwkwardCelebrityEncounters, and most of all to Julie and her husband Joe who gave me a ticket. I had a FABULOUS time with all of you! I hope there is another RA event for us to gather for again sometime soon. There is nothing like sharing with like-minded people. We could let it all hang out!! LOL! Priceless!!



From New York City. Anglophile, theater-goer, love books, music and LIFE.
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24 Responses to What Marie Saw – Hobbit Fan Event in NYC

  1. Servetus says:

    sounds like you had a fantastic time!

    • Marie Astra says:

      OMG that’s an understatement. Yes it was fabulous. Must say I suffered a bit of a downturn when Armitage just left without any goodbyes. Felt unfinished. 😦 Gigglepants would call it something else. LOL

      • Ha! Re Christine, the mind doesn’t have to wander too far to know what that might be. Glad you ladies had such a good time. You were thought of while we watched online. 🙂

  2. KatharineD says:

    Glad you had a great time, Marie. I saw your name on the twitter feed, as well as a number of others I recognised, which made me feel nicely connected!

  3. asteraurora says:

    Love the sight line of the inner left thigh. Sounds fantastic, the richarding, and meeting other fans!

  4. Lori H says:

    I am glad you had such a good time! I know what you mean about he looks different in person but he doesn’t. Saw him up close at San Diego Comic Con in 2012 and he is exactly like you said, really slender in person! Cameras do put a lot of weight on actors! Sorry you guys didn’t get to meet him, I was hoping for a report! 🙂 I think meeting everyone (the Twitter crowd) would have been a blast! Happy for you all!

  5. Perry says:

    This was a great recap, Marie. Sounds like it was just about all you could ask for.I was a few rows behind you, but in the same line of sight- which was perfect for Richard watching.

  6. So happy you had a great time! 😀

  7. kelbel75 says:

    *smiling big* so happy to hear you had a good time visiting with the other fans. the wait in line would have been horrible if you weren’t with anyone! how did you feel about sitting that close to the front of the stage, would you have wanted to be even closer? I probably would have been very nervous, trying to avoid the actor’s eyes *blushes* the part about them just up and leaving did seem very strange, like that’s what they were told to do? I find it hard to believe that they wouldn’t say good-bye, wave, something otherwise 😉

    • Marie Astra says:

      LOL I was trying to CATCH his eyes! He’s a tough guy to catch looking at the audience though. I did get a buzz a couple of times when I thought he kind of looked at me. But Orlando was a hoot. He was looking around at the audience and winking at people. Anytime I was trying to stare at Richard I could see Orlando noticing. Seriously interfered with my Richarding! LOL

  8. leashales says:

    Loved hearing about your experience. Green with envy!

  9. armitagebesotted says:

    This is very much my reaction! So glad you wrote it up. Write to me at my e-mail, okay?

  10. LOVED your write-up Marie! Everyone was soooo nice. I had a blast meeting you guys.
    As for eye-contact & Richard, I had a different issue with that… which I will write about. 🙂

    Love all of my Armitage Army buddies!

  11. Faboamanto says:

    Hi Marie Astra! Sorry I missed you all. Hope if there is a next fan event for the 3rd film we can meet 🙂 I agree about Richard’s leather jacket, it looked so very soft and touchable in person, and doesn’t at all in photos. Interesting….

    I did go up to a fan who was not too far back from me – she had several RA buttons and a “I love hot dwarves” button and I said hello and we tried to place each other from twitter, but failed to make a further connection. We were all together in spirit though, for Richard.

    I did recognized Nancy Johnson once we were seated, I was sitting on the other end of that same row. I was with my small group waiting at the start of the line, I got there around 10:30 and my friends were already there. We were a bit surprised when all of you were taken to the front of the line, around the front of the theater, when we had been waiting all that time!! Just kidding – we were surprised, but then realized they were taking the contest winners up front and we had those gofobo tickets. We felt the same at the end that you did, after the DOS clips we did wonder if we should leave, since no one came and said anything about it being over!

    Such a short time with Richard, but so lovely to see him.

    • Marie Astra says:

      Yes it was lovely. I can’t believe we were right near each other and didn’t know. Should have talked to more people on the line then maybe I would have. Hope there will be more events! Thanks so much for commenting!

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