Why Marie Wants to Meet Richard Armitage

This post is a response to Perry’s post on Armitage Agoniste Why Perry Doesn’t Want to Meet Richard Armitage. The purpose is to dialogue by presenting another opinion, not to say that Perry’s feelings aren’t valid. Let’s be clear about that. I think we are actually very much in tune, but I’m looking at it in a slightly different way.

Unlike Perry, I do want to meet Richard Armitage. I probably won’t ever, and I’ll be happy just to see him, but if I could I would. Having gone through the experience of being a fan at a stage door during Hugh Jackman’s run as The Boy from Oz on Broadway, I have experienced the feeling of meeting a celebrity as a fan. I wrote about that experience HERE in my post About Fans (Not the Electric Kind).

In my opinion, meeting a celebrity crush in a crowd of other fans is a terrific thing, because it defines your role. You are a fan – he is the star. This is different from meeting your crush on the street in RL. You are just a stranger to him then. To approach him is a tricky thing. Probably better not to, unless there is a reason to, like he is about to be hit by a car, or walk into a pole. More likely I’d be the one walking in the pole, but we’ll let that go. 😀

From my experience, in a crowd of other fans, when the star approaches he knows who you are. He knows you are his fan. Maybe he doesn’t know specifically how obsessed you are with him, but he knows what to expect. To the degree he chooses to interact, his job is to accept your gushing admiration graciously. It’s a heart-stopping moment if he talks to you. Just making eye contact is an unforgettable endorphin rush. If he ignores you and talks to other people, though, it’s crushing. That’s the down side. Still, getting to see him and maybe hear his voice in RL is an endorphin rush even if you don’t get to interact directly with him.

Being a fan is not for everyone. Most of my RL friends think I am nuts. They would never act like a fan – not even an online fan. Except when it comes to sports. Then people seem to be more comfortable being a fan of a team, or even an athlete. But an actor? Somehow that’s different. Weird.

But for us lucky fans, we know how much joy there is in celebrating the talents of a fabulous actor, particularly if he is a friendly, gracious person.  I’m sure those in the RA fandom who have had encounters with him can attest to that. I can’t imagine him being anything other than gracious no matter what the circumstances were.

I am excited and looking forward to much staring at Richard Armitage. Hopefully maybe even getting to interact with him – as a fan – someday.  Oh, ok. If I am invited to a dinner and he happened to be there, I guess I would be happy to meet him as a person, not as a fan. LOL





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32 Responses to Why Marie Wants to Meet Richard Armitage

  1. Perry says:

    I’m pulling for you. This may not be the event for that because you’ll be waiting on line and not able to crush him ( or be part of the crush) – but who knows?

  2. Servetus says:

    I hope he doesn’t behave against expectations, then, should you meet him. I think it’s good to think ahead of time about what you want from any experience like this one, so good for you for thinking about it and being clear. It’s my impression from watching the fans who want to meet him for the last several years that people who are clear from the beginning are happiest with whatever happens during the event when they think about it afterwards.

    • Marie Astra says:

      Also, having realistic expectations. I’m so hoping it all works out without any problems. My experience at events with lots of people is that it gets a little stress-y sometimes. I haven’t been impressed with this theater’s crowd control in the past, but maybe they have improved. It’s been a while. Here’s hoping!

  3. kelbel75 says:

    I’m not sure I could purposely go up to anyone (famous or not) and start up a conversation. I have a hard time believing that I’m not inconveniencing anyone; it’s something I struggle with in real life too. forced, for whatever reason, to have a conversation: no problem. but initiating that contact? no way! *laughs* I have no experience in this area whatsoever though, while you have met Hugh and gone to several different kinds of fan events before 🙂 whatever the outcome, have fun! meeting Richard would be grand, but the event itself and the opportunity to meet other fans and share it with them will make any outcome enjoyable.

  4. I look forward to meeting you IRL at this event, and I have to say, I love your attitude. It’s a good thing not to take oneself too seriously. (“NAILED IT!” – to quote a wise, famous man.)

  5. Elena says:

    As the Hobbit Fan Event draws near, I am getting very excited for Richard Armitage fans in NY who are going. I hope some of you get the opportunity to meet and chat with Mr Armitage and look forward to reading your encounters. It’s nearly three years since I last met Richard in London, when he was performing at the 24hrs play at the Old Vic in London. He was just about to fly off to NZ to film the Hobbit. There was only a small crowd at the stage door waiting for his autograph…..well, The Hobbit has changed all that. I do count myself very lucky I have met Richard several times before he was famous. He has always been gracious even when I’ve approached him on the street. Yes, approaching someone on the street can be tricky. It all depends on where they are, what they are doing or whether they are with friends. I never approach anyone if they are with other people. And I never approach anyone if I sense or know they do not want to be stopped on the street. So far, it’s been good and I have enjoyed some nice chats. Marie, I hope you get to meet Richard tomorrow and experience a moment to treasure. Have fun!

    • Marie Astra says:

      Thanks so much for commenting, Elena! You are soooo lucky!! Everyone I’ve spoken to who has met him has said the same thing about him. Those really are moments to treasure. Stage doors are a good way to interact. Except when I spoke to Hugh Jackman he was nowhere near as famous and popular as he is now. Now you can’t get near the stage door when he is on Broadway! Those interactions with him that I had mean a lot to me. Hope someday I have a Richard Armitage interaction to remember too! Thank you so much for taking the time to comment!!

  6. guylty says:

    What a nice honest post, Marie. I keep my fingers crossed for you – I am sure that you’ll have a great time, anyway, meet or not. The other Army Ladies present will make sure of that. Have a brilliant day – I look forward to reading about your impressions of the day (and I’ll be watching it online, too – I wish I knew what the Army girls look like, maybe I can spot you in the audience ;-))

    • Marie Astra says:

      Thanks, Guylty! I hope they don’t waste too much time showing the audience when they could be showing the beautiful Richard! 😀 Hope I have lots of great stories to share!

  7. KatharineD says:

    Have a great time, Marie! I love how excited you are, it’s going to be such a memorable experience for you. I’ll be in a cinema in Sydney watching proceedings on the big screen.
    Speaking personally, I was happy to see Richard live on stage earlier in the year; that was more than enough for me, and I was close enough to really feel the full extent of the experience, so I hope you get all you want from this event as well.

    • Marie Astra says:

      Thanks so much Katherine. I remember how excited I was reading about the Sydney Q&A and how happy I was for those who were able to be there. This isn’t exactly the same because it’s about the movie not RA, but not complaining!! Hope I’ve got some good stories to tell later!

  8. Best of luck today! You have experience and a healthy mindset. In my instance I always thought ahead of a quip to say if there was an opportunity. I even thought to bring a small gift and knew to give it their handlers. You make a good point how acceptable it is to be a sports related fan versus an entertainment fan, is it (in this instance) because according to my husband footballers are the hardest working men?

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  10. Peggy Kincaid says:

    Yes, I would like to meet Richard but I am not sure if I would approach him say if I saw him in a shop or while out dining. I have met authors before at book signings and that was a bit daunting. If I met him at some gathering and I happened to be able to come up to him to say hello I hope I could do so calmly and politely tell him how much I’ve enjoyed his work and perhaps ask a question I’ve always wanted to ask. I would prefer not to act necessarily like a fan but just someone talking quietly about his work and if someone else came up that would be the end of the conversation. Never happen of course but that’s my dream.

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