Angel Season Five

I am presently watching a marathon of Angel, Season 5. The U.S. television show with Angel the vampire who takes over an evil law firm with his associates when an old friend/rival of Angel’s shows up. Spike. A previously evil vampire who fought to regain his soul to gain the love of his beloved Buffy, the Vampire Slayer. If you didn’t watch either show, you won’t understand. I’m being nostalgic – Buffy’s last show was in 2003 and Angel’s was in 2004. All of this was the creation of the famous Joss Whedon, currently the master of The Avengers, etc.


My favorite season of either of the shows, was Angel’s season 5. Spike, my favorite vampire (see here where I talked about Spike and Guy of Gisborne).

angel s5 cast

The Angel Season 5 cast: Spike (James Marsters), Lorne (Andy Hallett), Angel (David Boreanz), Wesley Windham-Pryce (Alexis Denisof), ‘Fred’ Burkle (Amy Acker), and Charles Gunn (J. August Richards).

angel and spikeOne of the ongoing dramas of the Angel/Buffy shows was the frenemy relationship of Angel and Spike. Angel the vampire created Drusilla who created Spike. Angel and Spike were part of a vampire “family” that included Angel, Spike, Drusilla (, and Darla (Julie Benz). Darla was the vampire that created Angel. Angel and Spike were rivals for both Drusilla and for Buffy. That tension was what made Angel, Season 5 so interesting.

life of the partySeason Five episode “Life of the Party”. My favorite!!

puppet angel

From “Smile Time“, an Angel season 5 episode where Angel is turned into a Muppet. So clever and hilarious!!


My favorite vampire, Spike. I miss him so much! James Marsters was the perfect actor to play him. Sadly, Marsters hasn’t found the right venue to showcase his enormous talent since then. I guess he has other priorities.



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4 Responses to Angel Season Five

  1. I never really watched Buffy or Angel, but I got to meet David Boreanz at LAX one night. My friend, who was a HUGE Angel fan drove me to the airport and as she hates to park the car and just drops me off, I ask her to park the car and hang out with me since I was flying first class and sometimes you never know who you’re going to meet (cue awkward celebrity encounter for me here). She said nope, “Ima gonna drop you off at the curb and say bye.”

    I go inside and guess who’s standing in front of me in the first class line taking his sweet time? I was ready to run out of there and yell for her to stop the car and run inside. He was her all time favorite actor, too. I stood next to him after that and boy, did he smell good and look good.

    But I still never got to watch Angel though…

    • Marie Astra says:

      LOL! Great story MM!! I wasn’t an Angel fan at first – I loved Buffy, mainly for Spike. It was just perfection for me when Spike was on Angel!! Boreanaz is okay, not my particular cup of tea. He’s good on Bones, but I don’t watch that anymore. See you never know when you’re going to run into someone! Bet your friend was kicking herself! 😀

  2. lynnenne says:

    Angel Season 5 is my favorite season of television, ever. I miss them so much!

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