OT: School of Practical Philosophy


Hugh Jackman in Oklahoma

I learned about the School of Practical Philosophy at the same time as I became obsessed with Hugh Jackman. As it turned out, HJ was a member of the School!! Anyway I have been a member of the School of PP at the same time as I have been a fan of HJ. Here is a story that is an example of the kind of thing HJ and I believe:

One day, as usually was the case, a young waif, a little girl, stood at the street corner begging for food, money or whatever she could get. Now this girl was wearing very tattered clothes; she was dirty and quite disheveled.

 As it happens, a well-to-do young man passed that corner without giving the girl a second look. But when he returned to his expensive home, his happy and comfortable family, and his well-laden dinner table, his thoughts returned to the young waif and he became very angry at God for allowing such conditions to exist.

He reproached God, saying, “How can you let this happens? Why don’t you do something to help this girl?”

Then he heard God in the depths of his being respond by saying, “I did.

I created You!”

 (Apologies to all the agonistics, atheists, etc. out there!)


 Fr. Brian Cavanaugh




From New York City. Anglophile, theater-goer, love books, music and LIFE.
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8 Responses to OT: School of Practical Philosophy

  1. Teuchter says:

    So true! Sounds much like what my Pastor was saying to our congregation only yesterday. It’s almost too easy to blame others for situations when we, in fact, have the where-with-all to do something about it and do it willingly.

  2. kelbel75 says:

    this kind of reminds me of something I saw on my FB newsfeed this morning 🙂 warning: this vid will make you cry…or maybe that’s just me, since I always cry at commercials *blushes*

  3. Teuchter says:

    *Bawling my eyes out as I type* I don’t think we need ever blush if we find we get emotional about such things – commercials included – as it shows we have a heart *and* a conscience! Thank you for sharing this video. I’m off to share it now too!!

  4. I may have to investigate this school further. Great pic of young Hugh. Can’t call myself a proper fan but to have heard the story of his audition for Wolverine in costume from Oklahoma was priceless! I presume you also saw him in his one man show on Broadway?

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