Rising, Rising, Risen

I was not onsite when this tragedy happened. I was at home (doctor’s appointment) when my secretary called and asked if she should go home with everyone else fleeing the destruction. When I put my television on, I couldn’t believe it. Later, I endured days and days and days of burning smells coming from the WTC site and viewed the destruction of “Ground Zero” for myself. Unimaginable horror. God bless us all.

Armitage Agonistes

ETA – originally posted 9/11/2013 from NYC)

9/11/14 This is the first anniversary of September 11 in 13 years that I won’t be following my ritual, since I’ll be traveling. Still, there’s something oddly comforting, and not a little coincidental, that I’ll happen to be in NY on this day.


Later today, at a little before 9 a.m. New York Time, I will do what I’ve done for 12 years. I’ll turn on the TV and sit through the reading of all the names of those lost in the September 11 attacks with last names starting from A through H. I know that every victim deserves my remembrance, and I do remember them, but I make a special effort to hear the names read of the 6 people I knew well who were in the towers on that morning. Four civilians and two Fire Department Chiefs.

They won’t…

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