Richard Armitage/Hugh Jackman: Chests

RA John Porter                swordfish-13a

One of my favorite male body parts is the chest. I LOVE a well-developed male chest. It is one of the things that I love about Hugh Jackman. I don’t really love his Wolverine chest,


because it seems unreal, unhuman. Wolverine is a mutant, an enhanced human being. Although in this picture above he doesn’t look too unhuman! LOL!

Other chests I have loved:

joe-manganiello-shirtless-miami-06172012-lead01-400x470Joe Mangiello, aka Alcide Herveaux, werewolf, from True Blood


Matthew McConnaghey – really nice chest!!

I have also admired Sting’s chest, but I couldn’t find a good picture. LOL! Also, the dear, departed Heath Ledger. So sad that he died so young.

I have been so sad lately, that I have fallen back on a shallow subject to cheer myself up. Please forgive me!  😀



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8 Responses to Richard Armitage/Hugh Jackman: Chests

  1. I’m with you, especially in regards to the excessive musculature of Jackman now for Wolverine, and mostly for the abundance of unattractive protruding veinage.

    Re Sting, He is not prone to pose shirtless that often, apparently. These two are not bad:

  2. Bollyknickers says:

    Sorry to hear you have been feeling sad – although nothing wrong with a bit of chest therapy!

    I can’t imagine Sting have a well developed chest but I’ll take your word on that.

    One of the benefits of living in Sydney is getting regular pics in the newspaper of Hugh frolicking in the surf. No photo shopping required!

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