Mrs. A., You Must Be So Proud!!

I’ve been catching up today with all the wonderful videos that fans posted for Richard Armitage‘s birthday. I was moved to tears. I kept thinking that I hope Richard’s mom and dad got to see these videos. They would be so incredibly proud of their boy if they did. Not that they aren’t already incredibly proud of him!! But, wow, wouldn’t I love to hear people say such nice things about me, as do all these videos about RA!! In fact, that is my new mission in life – to have my colleagues speak about me the way RA’s speak about him!

Anyway, here are the best (of what I’ve seen) videos made for RA’s birthday:

bccmee, you are a master! (Mistress? LOL!)

From Russia, with Love!!

faboamanto’s video is GREAT!

sweeticakes99’s contribution for the Armitage Army! Made me cry!!

fedoralady’s tribute to RA’s birthday. I am in total agreement: So Glad You Came into my life, RA!!

Troublemaker! You sure are RA!!

mezzy’s birthday contribution. Wonderful!

All wonderful videos. There have been wonderful art pieces done in honor of RA’s majesty as well. What has been so wonderful to me is the talent and devotion brought to each piece. I am in awe of all of RA’s fans’ talent and creativity.

I am so honored to be part of the Richard Armitage Army, or whatever you call this crazy, lovely, talented, devoted group of people who recognize the value of beauty, talent, humor, humility, and sincerity in our Commander in Chief, Richard Armitage.

Videos from You Tube.



From New York City. Anglophile, theater-goer, love books, music and LIFE.
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8 Responses to Mrs. A., You Must Be So Proud!!

  1. AgzyM says:

    What a great bunch of celebratory vids! They brighten up my day and it’s always interesting what song vid creators choose. I would have gone with “I’m sexy and I know it!” 😉

  2. Perry says:

    Thanks MarieAstra for compiling these for us.

  3. guylty says:

    Thanks for that compilation, Marie – there are a few vids I hadn’t seen. And unfortunately I haven’t got time now to look at them, either, but I at least know where to go to catch up.

  4. Sandy Sue says:

    I had to come over after I saw your new avatar (you just can’t keep the Armitage hidden!). I loved the Russian one (even though you couldn’t read some of the signs). So obviously done with sweetness and joy. And, the Troublemaker one. Yaow!

    You mentioned in an older post that you didn’t think you were a very good fan. I beg to disagree. We can be quiet and private in our appreciation of Richard and still enjoy others’ creativity and daring. And I know you’ll be in line in December with me, even if we’re miles apart.

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