Catching Up

Richard Armitage Bulgaria posted these on Facebook:

RA Welly Premiere new 1


RA Welly Premiere 2

They are from the Wellington red carpet. Lovely candids. The color versions were done by

The Hobbit : An Unexpected Journey Premiere

The Hobbit : An Unexpected Journey Premiere


I’ve really enjoyed looking at these photos.  I apologize if they belong to someone, but I’ve seen them posted all over.

Anyway, I have been fairly uninspired to write much lately, so I’m afraid my blogging has suffered. I have been going through some (mental/physical) health issues that have absorbed my attention. I hope things are stabilized for now, and I can get back to Armitageing as usual.

So news today seems to be that Richard Armitage would love to be Batman, but doesn’t know where the rumor started. This is according to a tweet from @koolkiwis. Leena Tailor of @koolkiwis apparently participated in an interview of RA, Orlando Bloom and Lee Pace in New York City today, and that was one of the questions.

This reminded me of the time that there was a rumor (pre-Daniel Craig) that Hugh Jackman was being considered for the role of James Bond. When someone asked HJ if he was interested, he always did the “Bond..James Bond” quote. He later admitted that he himself had started the rumor! Not that I think RA started the Batman rumor, but it doesn’t take much to start one!

We still don’t know what Richard Armitage’s next project will be. Apparently he was recently in London and did a voice over for a commercial. Now he seems to be in New York City, since he was at an interview here today. I will now be keeping an extra alert look out when I pass by his building! LOL!



There have also been some very pretty Thorin pictures around. Including this one from a 2014 The Hobbit calendar:

hobbitdosspanishcalendarI have been thinking again about what it means to be a fan. As everyone in the Armitage Army prepares for the big day, August 22, RA’s birthday, I have been thinking that I’m not really a good fan. I have no urge to send a birthday greeting! Bad me! I will probably make a contribution on the website, which I have done before. I like to give to charity and why not support one of RA’s chosen ones?

Am I the only one who hasn’t added my name to one of the many birthday cards to RA? No disrespect meant at all to anyone who has. It’s all good. I’ve just wondered to myself why I haven’t wanted to. Anyone else thought about this?

Just because. Hobbit interview vs. Robin Hood interview.

 SFX-vs RHRH interview


interview photos from






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23 Responses to Catching Up

  1. I think you are not a bad fan. We all express our appreciation for someone in different ways. I did not know that you live in his neighborhood. Mine happens to be called The Village, which makes me chuckle. It’s my own satisfying, childish private joke. Have a great week! 😉

  2. Perry says:

    i don’t think you’re a bad fan either. I,too have no desire to send a birthday greeting, but i think it will be fun to join in the blogging and fan community festivities.

  3. Servetus says:

    I think it’s just whatever turns you on. I don’t want to meet him or to possess his autograph. But I do enjoy celebrating his birthday, mostly because of the solidarity I end up feeling with other fans.

    • Obscura says:

      I agree…I think there is a different incarnation of fandom for each of us… none better than another. Keep that iPhone camera primed up when you’re out and about – you never know who you might bump into 😉

    • marieastra says:

      I got his autograph even though I didn’t ask for it. I wouldn’t have asked for it! I did send him a card congratulating him on Thorin. That’s what I got the autograph for. The more I’m in the fandom, though, it seems the less I want to meet him or even write to him. I guess he seems further away from me than when I first became a fan and didn’t know anything much about him.

  4. Those 2 photographs are from Marcus Schoo, a photographer from New Zealand. I posted the second photograph of him smiling as my all-time favorite photo of him during my 30-day Richard Armitage challenge day 30 🙂

    The black and white ones are the edits.

    I remember each photograph costing about $100 if you wanted the original. Don’t know if the cost is still the same though.

    Anyway I don’t think you’re a bad fan. Just because some of us have no desire to have our name on any of the birthday wish pages does not make us less of a fan than the ones who do. I have no desire either in doing so as well so my name shall be left out from all those wishes.

    I’ll send in a donation on his JustGiving page in honor of my best friend who passed away from ovarian cancer, like I always do, and call it a birthday. 🙂

    • mujertropical says:

      My condolences on the death of your friend. No matter how much time has passed, we still remember those we love. (((hugs))) I have to say that even though I have been a movie buff and certified couch potato (the last one, more when I began to be my parent’s caregiver), I had only send one fan letter as a young girl – to Willie Aames – because I loved his curly hair. hehehe…
      Some of you know this already so, forgive me, but my truth is that when I created my blog a 13 months ago I had no intention whatsoever for it to be anything more than an occasional hobby. Leave it to Our Lovely Man to charm the pants off me. Well, not literally (I wish!), but he did win me over with his everything, even though I am certainly not blind to his faults. So, I did send him a letter to New Zealand, plus the open one I wrote last December, and that’s okay too. We all go through different stages in our lives. I imagine that one of these days I will move on. Then again, the man is hard to forget. Those of you who have met him know this better than I do. Have a great week, everyone!

    • marieastra says:

      Thanks, MM. I’m sorry for your friend. Good way to remember her.

  5. Take your time about getting your RA mojo back on and blogging. We all need a break every now and then. I hope that you are feeling better.

    I have not really been in the bloggin mood much myself since returning from retreat last Monday. I have done some posting, but I have not been into it. I returned from Montreal in such a peaceful and Higher dimensional kind of mood and feeling. I decided to simply go with that. I have been spending most of my time reading and in contemplation since returning home.

    I have not signed RA’s birthday card either. I signed it last year even though it really wasn’t my thing. It is fine for those who want to though. I am happy about RA’s birthday coming up and I hope that it is all he wants it to be.

  6. marieastra says:

    Thanks! I’m happy you found your retreat so inspirational. There’s nothing like that spiritual “high”! Too bad it doesn’t last!

  7. kelbel75 says:

    I gave a donation, but am not adding my name to any of the birthday greetings on forums or sites. does he read those? I very well doubt it. there are different kinds of fans, just like there are different kinds of people. if you happen to be up-to-date on everything that is going on in the fandom/his career/his life that does not make you any better/worse of a fan than someone who just goes to his movies or reads articles about him in major publications. you don’t have to know his birthday (I only know because everyone keeps talking about it so much *laughs* if they didn’t, I’d just know it was in August sometime 😉 ) or the names of the various schools that trained him, etc. but if you enjoy knowing those things, that’s okay too. as long as your not stalking him, or saying nasty things about him, I don’t think there’s such a thing as a “good” or “bad” fan 😉

    ps. Hugh Jackman started his own James Bond rumor? that is priceless! *laughs*

    • marieastra says:

      Heehee! Yes, Hugh Jackman admitted he started the rumor! Which shocked me, because it was such a solid rumor! He was asked about it in every interview! LOL

      Actually, thinking about HJ (his birthday is October 12, if anyone wanted to know 😉 ) makes me think about the good/bad fan thing. I am still a fan of HJ, although not in the “fandom”. Maybe that’s what I mean – being part of the RA fandom, why not sign a birthday card even if he won’t read it, right? Nothing wrong with that!

      • kelbel75 says:

        of course there’s nothing wrong with signing a card that you’ll not sure he’ll read, kind of like sending out virtual/cosmic positive energy to him 🙂 but don’t feel like you *have* to do it just because everyone else is 😉 I’m still a big Christian Bale fan, just because I’m not longer part of that fandom and I don’t know every move that he makes anymore, doesn’t mean I’m any less of a “good” fan. (I don’t know his exact birthday either, tho I know it is at the end of January; making him an Aquarius, like me 🙂 Richard is a Leo, like my daughter 😉 )

        we’re part of fandoms for the camaraderie, coming together in our mutual admiration, getting to know each other & have fun with our shared interests. it’s not to “announce” to everyone that we’re a fan. if you’re the type of fan who doesn’t share and would rather keep your infatuation quiet, so it’s a private thing that’s only for you; that doesn’t mean your a “bad” fan. what *is* a fan really? it’s like the whole “what is normal” thing; there is no normal. there is what is outwardly acceptable, but that all changes when you’re at home 😉 hopefully you’re at a place within your definition of “fan”, that makes you feel like you’re at home, whatever home is to you. that would be my opinion of what a “good” fan is. because being a fan should bring you joy 🙂

    • Servetus says:

      The forum venues (C19, Armitage Army, Richard Armitage Central) sent the greetings via paper mail. So if he (still) reads his fan mail, he does read those.

      • marieastra says:

        I hope he does read them! I would, if I were him. Must be a great feeling to know so many people love you and your work! What is probably a pain for him are all the presents people send. The mind boggles! LOL!

      • Servetus says:

        There’s always a question of when he would read paper stuff (sent to London), but indications are still that someone is reading it. What stuff he might read on the Internet is anybody’s guess, but his agents are sent notice of the greetings, and he would presumably know that’s a “safe read.”

        I enjoy reading those pages myself, a lot. Love to see what others are wishing. Some are very creative!

      • kelbel75 says:

        I’ll keep that in mind for next year, then 🙂

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