Armitagemania 6 Months In


It’s been 6 months since I first discovered Mr. Armitage. I have written about my Armitage love HERE and HERE, among others. I was hit hard after the second viewing of The Hobbit : AUJ. I literally thought of very little outside of daily existence other than Mr. A. I imagined meeting him everywhere I went – on my way to work, at the theater, walking anywhere in NYC. Well, that part is over.

Six months later I don’t think I’ll ever meet Mr. A., unless it’s at a convention or another event where he is booked to appear. I no longer think about meeting him on the streets of NYC. (Although I do get a thrill walking by his supposed new residence in NYC when I have to go by each week.) 😀

I was telling my friend on the phone the other day that I’m not as obsessed as I was about RA, but then had to admit that I had Tumblr on my laptop and Robin Hood on the tv. Well,  perhaps that’s not QUITE true….

guy looking                                           Sir Guy appears to think I’m not being truthful…

OK, so I guess I am still pretty obsessed with Mr. Armitage, 6 months after my first infatuation. What I’m trying to say is that I am more realistic in my admiration. I really was convinced when I first found him that I would shortly be meeting him somehow, because how could you like someone that much and not know them personally? LOL! I was basing a lot of my feelings on my experiences with Hugh Jackman, who, when I obsessed over him was in a Broadway play so I could see him in person whenever I went to the theater!  Well, that’s not happening with Richard Armitage!!

I started this blog in March, so that’s 5 months ago. In that amount of time I have learned a lot about blogging, had fun writing (which does not come naturally to me), and have enjoyed the feedback from readers. My blog gets over 100 hits a day, which is pretty amazing to me. When I had a blog that wasn’t a fan blog it got maybe one hit a month! LOL! I’ve also learned Twitter and Tumblr and Pinterest. Which puts me WAY ahead of all of my friends, who barely can send email!

thorin smile peltThorin approves!

I am so happy for all the wonderful people I’ve met through all the social media, and am in awe of so many for their creativity and talent. So all in all, 6 months time well spent!

Has your love of Armitage changed over time??

Thanks to for the photos. 



From New York City. Anglophile, theater-goer, love books, music and LIFE.
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21 Responses to Armitagemania 6 Months In

  1. perry322 says:

    Happy Anniverary MarieAstra. You’ve chosen one of my favorite shots for your feature, and you know why. I so identify with everything you’ve written in this post. I, too have learned social media (with some slip-ups). We also learned how to work with WP program and themes, screencap ,download and upload photos and link to sites. But best of all is the fan community. Don’t give up on a siting.

  2. Lori H says:

    Keep on blogging! I am also an HJ fan and have been for a long time. I discovered RA in 07 w/ Robin Hood. It will stay the same or get worse but the RA fans are pretty nice, devoted and fun! So if you’re going to be an an “army”, the Armitage one is a good one to be in!

    • Marie Astra says:

      Thanks, Lori! Yes, I think the Armitage Army is wonderful. The Hugh Jackman Boy From Oz fans were a mixed bag. There was a little nastiness there at times. Jealousy, mostly! LOL

  3. Servetus says:

    I think all the stuff one learns (both technological and human) is a real reason to stick with it — it’s a very interesting thing, day after day after day. Congratulations on six months!

  4. kelbel75 says:

    has my love of Armitage changed over time? well, I’m about 8months in, 3 months blogging, and I’m not as obsessive as I was in the beginning (if I didn’t have a family to hold me accountable I probably would have neglected to shower and just survived on pop-tarts while becoming physically attached to my laptop *blushes*) I’m pretty much caught-up I think, and am now just keeping current 😉 I go in spurts, gorging on fanvids, interviews & re-watches; and I’m always on the look out for more gifs! *laughs* I’m content with the pace now, and Richard continues to impress me in so many ways, that hasn’t changed 🙂 I really enjoy the blogging, it’s so much fun! I’ve finally found the creative outlet that I was searching for 🙂

    • Marie Astra says:

      There’s always something I haven’t found, an interview, a picture, a blog post….And I haven’t seen everything he’s done yet. So still have things to look forward to- besides the next two Hobbit movies! I love it! 😀

  5. obscura says:

    Happy six months! I’ve definitely settled into a different groove than I was in this time last year…which was voraciously gobbling up everything I could get my hands on. Now I’m just nibbling daily 😉

    • Marie Astra says:

      Thank you. LOL! I like that “nibbling daily”. It’s definitely been an exciting 6 months, with all the Ascroft photos, the Hobbit DVD publicity and the activity in Wellington. So there have been some new things to gawk at as well as investigating the backlist. And now Batman? Always something new in Armitageworld! Love your blog, btw!

  6. KatharineD says:

    Congratulations! Eight months ago I barely knew anything about blogs, had never heard of tumblr, although I had read fanfiction before. It’s fun, isn’t it, talking to people all round the world and expanding your horizons!

    • Marie Astra says:

      Absolutely fun! I love hearing about the weather all over the world on twitter, and talking to friends in Australia who are getting up when I am going to bed.

  7. Herba says:

    Happy Anniverary Marie Astra!

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  9. guylty says:

    Oh my – I missed your 6 month bloggoversary. Congrats, Marie – and I do hope you’ll stay in the throes of Armitagemania. Cos it’s fun reading your posts.
    You ask if our love of Armitage has changed over time. For me it is now about a year and a half that the lightning hit. It still feels pretty raw, I have to say. I still shake my head at myself. But it has also become something of a familiar feeling, not unpleasant and worrying anymore, but a source of happiness, somehow, because it makes me smile. The fact that I can share it with all the lovely ladies I have found in Armitageworld makes it even better. How sad was the time when I had to deal with it in the confines of my own head. No, this is much nicer.

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