No Time to Be Tepid

This is somewhat off-topic, but it is certainly one of my “obsessions”. Just because someone doesn’t agree with you doesn’t mean they are wrong.

Glass Overflowing

A sermon preached July 28, 2013 at Southminster Presbyterian Church in Boise, Idaho

Amos 7:7-17

It is good to be home. A week at the Presbyterian Youth Triennium in Purdue with 5,000 of my closest friends and then most of a week in Maine, recovering from Triennium while Alden was at a soccer camp.

I had lots of time to sit with this text from Amos while I ate lobster in the rain in Maine.

And I kept thinking about the people hearing Amos’ words when he first spoke them.

They sound so harsh to us, as they fall on our ears a few thousand years later. How much more painful must they have been when they were newly minted, freshly spewed out of the prophet’s mouth?

Therefore, thus says the Lord:
“Your wife shall become a prostitute in the city,
and your sons and your daughters shall fall by…

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One Response to No Time to Be Tepid

  1. kelbel75 says:

    interesting, definitely things to think over. I prefer the suggest-in-love approach, rather than the you-are-doing-it-wrong approach. I personally will automatically reject something if it’s shouted at me, but if it’s suggested to me and I feel that I have a choice or time to think it over, then I will. while I wholeheartedly agree with the statement “just because someone doesn’t agree with you doesn’t mean they are wrong”, I’m having a harder time with the “tepid, lukewarm” analogy and the statement “unless we stand for something, we shall fall for anything”. it is my opinion that we don’t always have to feel a solid way about something. while I understand that it can be seen as wishy-washy and therefore cowardice in a way, there are many things I do not have strong convictions on. passion can oftentimes be dangerous and unstable, it clouds your thinking and causes you to burn bridges unnecessarily. I’d rather keep an open-mind, exchange ideas, and keep those bridges and pathways open to two-way traffic 🙂

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