The End of the Affair

Oh, so sad when people who love each other must part. Friday, July 26, 2013 in New Zealand was the last day of filming for The Hobbit trilogy, and the last day of Peter Jackson filming Tolkien‘s work. The last day for Richard Armitage to embody Thorin Oakenshield. The last day for the remaining dwarves to be together as dwarves. So sad!

Dwarves from the HobbitThe enormity of the situation is astounding. SO much energy, time, effort has been put into creating Middle Earth in New Zealand. Both for LOTR and The Hobbit. To think that will be no more is….epic. The filming of these trilogies is an epic story. 

I am so grateful to PJ for letting the fans share in the last day. When I write this the last Facebook entry was at 10:30 AM in New Zealand. It’s now 1:06 PM in Wellington, but no new Facebook entry. It’s 9:06 PM EST here, and I don’t know how late I will stay up. But I will try to stay for at least one more Facebook post. I want to be part of it!!  I LOVE Tolkien. I LOVE The Hobbit. I LOVE Peter Jackson. But most of all, I LOVE Richard Armitage, and I hope PJ posts a picture of him on his last day as Thorin. Historic. 





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10 Responses to The End of the Affair

  1. perry322 says:

    It IS being part of something. I find the entire experience of being part of this so interesting and unusual. That tens of thousands maybe are watching a group of people finish a movie- or two -and collectively, we’re all in it together. It’son message boards and every form of social media.
    It’s crazy.

    • marieastra8 says:

      I KNOW! What a rush! It is amazing that we are all joined in this experience. I’ve been so excited all day thinking about this last day of filming. I so identify with the actors who are leaving an alternate identity behind after this, plus dear friends that they’ve spent endless time with. I will miss them all.

  2. KatharineD says:

    Hope you stayed up long enough to catch the rear view of Thorin(s)!

  3. KatharineD says:

    The latest one is a real tear jerker- filming Thorin’s final moments- aargh!!!

    • marieastra8 says:

      Just saw that! Eeks! Feels right for the filming to end with that, though, doesn’t it?

      • KatharineD says:

        Puts a lot of pressure on RA on the last day though, doesn’t it? Such an important moment to get right. How could you not be in floods of tears after all that? So many emotions, plus the absolute exhaustion they must all be experiencing right now.

  4. marieastra8 says:

    Very very hard for RA. But how satisfying! It really kind of confirms that it’s “his”, Thorin’s, movie.

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