Robert Ascroft Photographs Armitage

The photographer Robert Ascroft photographed Richard Armitage in New York City in 2012. One of the images was used in the Brisbane Sunday Mail in December 2012:BrisbaneSundayMail-Dec2012

Following that, many Ascroft photos have appeared on the internet, mainly through the Richard Armitage Bulgaria Facebook page. I have gathered some of them here for comparison. I think they are all stunning. Beautiful. Masculine. Lickable.

RobertAscroft window 2 RobertAscroft window 3

RobertAscroft bluewall 3        RobertAscroftbluewall 2

RobertAscroftblue wall 1

  RobertAscroft-street 3   RobertAscroft-street 2

RobertAscroft-street 1

Note: I was looking at the new Ascroft pictures on my iPhone in the bus on the way home today. I had such a….visceral…reaction that I had to put the phone away. It was like reading a book on the subway and you come to a sexy part…I have to stop reading at that part. Not comfortable having sexy thoughts in public! The new Ascroft pictures affected me the same way. Yum.

All images are from



From New York City. Anglophile, theater-goer, love books, music and LIFE.
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5 Responses to Robert Ascroft Photographs Armitage

  1. guylty says:

    hehe, glad to see a fellow RARA sufferer 😉 The pictures are just absoiutely stunning. Ascroft really knows his craft. It’s lovely to see them here together in one place.
    I know what you mean about viewing material like that in public. I always make sure I am home alone when I write my stuff about those pictures. Too many feeeelz, as they say on tumblr. And that is not necessarily a sight for the public *ahem*.

    • kelbel75 says:

      with all this talk of Robert Ascroft I went to his site the other day & discovered that he’s the one who did my favorite Christian Bale shoot as well! so I guess it’s safe to say that I really like his style 🙂

      and I too suffer from that visceral viewing thing. I feel my face get all hot in a blush, & my fingers find their way my lips… it’s embarrassing *laughs*

      • marieastra says:

        Interesting. I have to check Ascroft’s website out myself. Richard Armitage just has that something that gets me in my gut! Phew! Thanks for your comment!

    • marieastra says:

      Yes, home alone is best! 😀 I was just about getting to agree with those who say the RARAs are too photoshopped and our RA doesn’t look like himself when these new ones came out and I had such a strong reaction to them. I guess photographer RA really does know what he’s doing! Plus our RA just exudes so much masculinity and sex appeal. The man just looks good no matter who the photographer is!

      • guylty says:

        ” The man just looks good no matter who the photographer is!” I think that is a given anyway. I don’t really think Ascorft photoshops “too much”. The level of Ps in his work is perfectly consistent with what is normal in the industry. He is merely enhancing the beauty of his subjects. But yes, Ascroft surely knows his stuff. I have rarely been so consistently in praise of a photographer. Hardly any duds. Just really dangerously ovary-threatening work…

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