What Do Women Want?

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I came across an article about a new book by Daniel Bergner “What Do Women Want?” which is a scientific investigation into women’s sexual responses. This interested me, because due to my intense, daily, Richard Armitageing, I read a lot about women’s sexual responses to the stimuli that is Mr. Armitage. Yes, we love him for his brain and his lovely, humble, shy, personality, but we appreciate his pictures and  videos of him on a daily basis with often quite frank responses about how they make us respond as women.

In the New York Times book review of Mr. Bergner’s book, the NYT questions why there is an increased interest in women’s sexuality at this time. The Huffington Post did a video interview with Mr. Bergner here.

I sent a tweet to @bergnerdaniel and told him that as a participant in a fandom, I hear about women’s sexual responses to a man on a daily basis and it is very *normal*. He favorited my tweet.

Guy shirtless.2How does half-naked Guy make you feel??

The main *take away* I got from reading about Daniel Bergner’s book is that women are not naturally monogamous, but benefit from multiple sexual partners, as do men. It seems the scientific evidence is that both women and men are *polyamorous*. Look it up. 😀

The thing that was interesting to me was that the scientists seem to be surprised about something that I accept as perfectly natural. The heterosexual female response to a man’s body is normal. Duh! What the heck? Why is that even a subject for discussion? I can’t believe that in this day and age a book (by a man!) has to be written *proving* *scientifically* that women are turned on by men’s bodies!

I am very sad to think about heterosexual women who feel they *shouldn’t* respond to a man’s body. That there is something *dirty* about sexual responses. Very sad. Responding to a man’s sexuality is very different from actively seeking multiple sexual partners. That may not be a responsible way to act. But physical response is what it is. There is nothing *dirty* about it. It is normal and healthy.

The other thing from this book is that women respond to a man who is intensely, sexually interested in them. I guess, even if the woman wasn’t so interested in the guy otherwise. So, I guess, the pictures of men who are inviting women to view them sexually are more likely to get a woman aroused than a man who is fully clothed and otherwise involved in other activities. Like, duh, again.

The book also apparently gets into sexual fantasies of rape. Very dicey, in my opinion. I get it, but it is a thin line.

Maybe I’ll read this book. I will follow this guy on twitter for a while at least to see if I can learn anything more from a man about a woman’s sexuality. LOL!!




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5 Responses to What Do Women Want?

  1. I dated a man who was polyamorous for awhile. Didn’t work out when I told him that I wanted to be polyamorous as well 🙂

    But the book is interesting and worth checking out!

  2. marieastra8 says:

    Not surprising. Guess the book would be an eye-opener for some!

  3. Fascinating. Men are still surprised by this? (facepalm) But I *am* frequently surprised by the number of women I meet who think there’s something slightly shameful about their sexuality and their sexual thoughts / responses to men. :}

  4. You’d think anyone born after the mid-sixties would have shed that feeling of *puritanism* (for want of a better word – though *shame* or *repression* come to mind as well). *sighs* We probably need a few more decades to not only convince men but also ourselves. 😦

    • marieastra8 says:

      It’s really sad. It’s just weird to me that the subject of women’s sexuality is still a matter for “study”. I think women are probably okay with it, at least the ones I know are, but somehow men seem to want to study it. Yikes. Thanks for commenting! 😀

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