Candid Armitage

RA Welly candid w fan

This picture. I just had to post it. It’s been all over Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, who knows where else. But this picture is, to me, Richard Armitage. Not a photo shoot, prettyfied man. Just himself. He looks more like a movie star to me in this picture than in any of the Robert Ascroft photoshoot pictures. Which are beautiful, not saying they aren’t. But this candid shot of the man with his hair wet, windblown, no makeup, no wardrobe., just a tacky tee shirt and his beautiful leather jacket, speaks to me in a way none of the Ascroft pictures do.

I wanted to post this picture from a Wellington newspaper,

RA wellie

when it was first published, because it absolutely haunted me. But it was posted so many times all over that I felt it didn’t need to be looked at again. But somehow these candid views of Mr. Armitage in Wellington are knocking my socks off. To me, he looks haunted in the newspaper image, but that might just be the way the camera caught him at that moment. I wouldn’t read more into it than that. But it still haunts me. As does the fan photo of him.

He is such a strong presence in these pictures. Such an utter movie star. Rumpled, not touched up, no makeup or beautiful clothes, but these images speak to me of someone who doesn’t need those things to command attention. The person in these candid shots is not an image that is manipulated by the P.R. machine. You could not orchestrate a more powerful picture.

Since I may never have the opportunity to see Mr. Armitage in Real Life, this is the closest I may get to seeing him as himself. I have often wondered how I could be so obsessed over a man who I have never seen in Real Life, and whose image and words may be presented in a way that may have nothing to do with the real person of Richard Armitage. But in these candid moments, when the actor recedes and the man is who he is for better or worse, I can see the quality that is there. I just love the *real* Mr. Armitage and I am so grateful to have these glimpses of him.

Thanks to fedora lady on  for the pictures.



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10 Responses to Candid Armitage

  1. Janine says:


    I planned to say just that, but I will expound. : D

    I love his work, but it was the person in the interview that drew me. He cuts an admirable figure, but it is the kindness in his eyes that gets me now.


  2. I completely agree. He could be as beautiful as Adonis, but if he was a jerk, I wouldn’t care two cents for him. It’s the himness of him (yes, I truly enjoyed typing that) that sinks me, every time. It’s what’s in his eyes. It’s what I think and hope is truly in his heart.

  3. guylty says:

    I am so superficial – I always prefer RA better in the staged shots. But maybe that is a reflection on my jealousy – the fact that it is not ME he has his arm around??? In any case, I will agree with you that this is RA, the “him”. But it’s certainly not the look, however rough and unpolished and therefore normal he may seem, that will draw me to these images. It’s his posture and his body language. From the cheerful grins he puts on for any fan photo, to the tactile approach he is following. He is not afraid to touch someone, to favour them with a (fleeting) hug. I like that and I admire that, because I find tactility towards strangers VERY scary.

    • marieastra8 says:

      Ugh WP ate my reply. Anyway, I was wondering if you were going to comment on this, guylty! I didn’t think you would agree with me. It’s the “normalness” of the candid photos that get to me. Where he’s just himself, not designed by someone else to achieve a response to the photo. It’s like a glimpse behind the curtain. His cheerful grins I am not surprised at. He says he is a people pleaser and as one myself I know we often smile at people no matter how we really feel. The matter of touching people you don’t know is so personal. I am very tactile myself so I have to remind myself not to touch people because many people are like you and don’t like it. It’s just very natural to me. As it seems to be for Mr. A. as well. Lucky ladies! Thanks for commenting. You know, I don’t can’t look at photos anymore without thinking about what I’ve learned from your *ooofs*! 😀

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