Some New Armitage Vids

I’m thinking about writing a new post, but meanwhile I’ve scouted up some nice fan videos of Richard Armitage that made me smile. I thought I would share them.

First up is by sweetiecakes99 and it’s to the song “I Could Use Somebody Like You” by the Kings of Leon:

The next one I really liked is by bobsoldier1 to a song which is very appropriate to the way a lot of us feel about the beardy-goodness that is Richard Armitage, “Mercy” by Duffy:

Next is faboamanto’s You Fascinate Me So, song by Blossom Dearie:

Last is this simply stunning Thorin video by sweetiecakes99, “Sleeping Sun“. I had chills watching this one!

It never ceases to amaze me how creative people can be with the same pictures to work with. Putting them in different order to different songs with different effects – that is art.

Thank you to all you talented video artists out there. There are, of course, lots more videos than these that are excellent. I just wanted to post a few of the newer ones that I liked. Keep up the good work!

It’s funny because I was almost convincing myself I was getting less obsessed with Richard Armitage. Ha! No chance.

All videos are from



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3 Responses to Some New Armitage Vids

  1. thanks for sharing these great videos. the third video’s music is so moving.

  2. Astera says:

    Really liked that Thorin video. It even looked great playing on my smartphone!

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