Sean Bean!

sb sharpeJust as I missed Richard Armitage in North & South, Robin Hood, and Spooks/MI 5, I missed Sean Bean in Sharpe when it was first broadcast from 1993-1997. It wasn’t until a friend at work suggested I look at her tape of Sharpe’s Eagle and Sharpe’s Honour that I became a fan. We were talking about a book I was reading by Dorothy Dunnett, The Game of Kings, and playing the casting game for the lead role. My friend thought Sean Bean would be perfect so she loaned me the tapes. POW! I was hooked! What a man! I had to see ALL of the Sharpes, and ALL of everything else he was in. There was only one website devoted to Sean at that time, The Compleat Sean Bean ( run by the remarkable Winona Kent. The online community was tight. Winona got to meet Sean a few times and interviewed him for the website. Some of us got together to see his films as they came out. We had various email lists, finally winding up on yahoo groups. I remember those times with great affection.

SB boromir

Lord of The Rings: Two Towers

And then there was Boromir! Two of my fandoms merged – The Lord of the Rings and Sean Bean! Why did he have to play Boromir and get killed off in the first movie?? Oh wait, because he’s SEAN BEAN and he gets killed off in EVERY movie!

Except for Troy!

SB troyody

Note the hand in this picture. One thing Sean and RA have in common – beautiful long fingered hands. <sigh>

Sean went on to make many films I wasn’t interested in because of the violence or horror. Silent Hill, The Hitcher, Red Riding, Black Death, Death Race 2. Saw Flightplan,North Country, and loved him in Crusoe.

SB crusoehr3 Finally he is going to be on US cable tv! In a new series called Legends!

When Sean was younger, I loved him for his beautiful body and his intense, sexy, acting style. Can you believe how beautiful this man is?

SB white boxers                       sb 2009

Always will love Sean Bean! Too bad he didn’t win the BAFTA this year. 😦

Thanks to for the photos!



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7 Responses to Sean Bean!

  1. Faboamanto says:

    I’m sad too that Sean didn’t win. I do hope the nomination does lead to more interesting work for him in the future, and open the eyes of producers, directors, and casting people to all that he can do, and has not always been given an opportunity to do. Meanwhile I’m also looking forward to Legends.

  2. Another year Sean didn’t win 😦 I revisited Sean when RA did Clarissa the radio drama and I had to see the orginal BBC production w Sean as Lovelace. He has an impressive body of work! Glad another RA fan loves & appreciates him!!

  3. Laura says:

    He reminds me of my lost loved one

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